Georgian Opposition Support President to Rebut Russian Aggression

Georgia Materials 12 August 2008 13:20 (UTC +04:00)

Georgia, Tbilisi, 12 August / Trend corr. N.Kirtkhslia / Georgian opposition supports President and ready to protect its motherland.

Recently, members of parliamentary opposition from the 'Strong Georgia -Christian- Democrats' fraction has cleared their position on the issue. "Nobody can oust President Mikhail Saakashvili and occupy the country," Giorgi Tsagareishvili, a representative from fraction said.

Almost all the members from fraction held a news- conference.

On 11 August, Giorgi Tsagareishvili, Leader of the United Opposition, stated that the Georgian President was elected by population and nobody can oust him. "We are ready to stand near the President and to protect our motherland from aggressors," Tsagareishvili said.

Other opposition parties New Rights, National Independent, as well as public organizations and opposition NGOs supported the country in such a difficult state.

"It is no time for internal disputes. Enemy interfered into our country and we must drive away him," David Gamkrelidze said.

Accusing Russian aggressors, Labours called upon the both sides to stop firing, but did not sugest their support to President.

No statement has been made by the United Communistic Party of Georgia. According to experts, Russia attempts to change Georgian's policy towards the west values to its own side. For this purpose, Russia attempts to have its protege in the person of former head of State Security Ministry Igor Giorgadze.

Georgian experts consider that even in the full occupation state the Georgian population is unlikely to accept such a leader and Russian values. "A new generation brought up in free and democratic conditions," experts said.

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