Russian tanks patrol Georgia town

Georgia Materials 13 August 2008 16:05 (UTC +04:00)

Violence has flared up in Georgia, where Russian tanks have been seen patrolling the city of Gori, reported BBC.

People leaving the city say there is looting going on involving South Ossetian separatists.

There are reports of cars being taken from residents at gunpoint on the entrances to the city.

A ceasefire is in place, but it seems to be very fragile in that particular area, our correspondent says.

Foreign ministers from the European Union in Brussels are holding emergency talks on the crisis between Russia and Georgia.

In Gori, the Russian tanks seem to be dismantling and destroying Georgian army bases there, our correspondent says.

There is a pall of smoke over Gori's market. Terrified residents have watched their houses being torched.

The situation may well be worse in outlying villages, he adds.