Bush's Statement Saved Georgia - Micheil Saakashvili

Georgia Materials 29 November 2008 00:02 (UTC +04:00)

Georgia, Tbilisi, 28 November / corr Trend N.Kirtzkhalia / US President George Bush's statement made turn in Russia-Georgia war and it made to stop Russian tanks. President Micheil Saakashvili stated on Friday.

"After this statement of August 13 Russian tanks stopped, although they did not have such intention before. Our [Georgian] Security Secretary Lomaya contacted then with the command of these troops and they openly told him that they were moving to Tbilisi," he said.

"Before, the Georgian army had heavy battle and gained some success. Our soldiers put seriously wounded commander of 58th army general Khrulev to flight. By the way, everybody ignores the fact that he used to be commander of separatists' army in Tzinnvali few years ago," Saakashvili said.

The Georgian President said that during clashes in Tzinvali it was impossible to avoid victims among Russian peacekeepers, because Georgian positions were intensively fired from their emplacements.