Shopping centres close after New Year celebrations in Georgia

Georgia Materials 3 January 2021 17:35 (UTC +04:00)
Shopping centres close after New Year celebrations in Georgia

Shopping centres that opened in Georgia for the Christmas and New Year's holidays have closed again due to coronavirus restrictions. They will now provide services remotely though, Trend reports citing Agenda.ge.

The government of Georgia had allowed shopping centres to receive consumers between December 24 and January 2.

However, additional restrictions have been imposed for shop administrations to prevent the further spread of the infection.

Food, animal feed, pharmacies, veterinary pharmacies, household chemicals and hygiene shops and press booths remain open.

An effective curfew is in force between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. (The restriction will be temporarily lifted on Orthodox Christmas eve on January 6);

Regular intercity transport - railway, bus, marshrutkas are unavailable;

Travel by car, including by taxi, is however allowed;

The government of Georgia imposed restrictions to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the country back in late-November.

As of now, Georgia has confirmed a total of 229,169 cases of coronavirus, including 220,442 recoveries and 2,603 deaths; 6,098 individuals remain infected with the virus.