Georgian parliament approve resolution on immediate withdrawal of Russian peacemakers from country's conflict areas

Georgia Materials 18 July 2006 17:57 (UTC +04:00)

Georgian parliament today has approved "Peacemaking forces in Georgia" resolution. In accordance with this document, Russian peacemakers deployed in Georgias conflict areas shall immediately leave the country.

Tend reports with reference to RBC, the resolution states the peacemaking operations in Abkhazia and former South Ossetia autonomous district eliminated security of peaceful dwellers and basic human rights, accelerated weapons race and so on.

The document writes "Georgias peaceful policy on settling the conflicts encounters open confrontation of separatists and those supporting them from the outside". "Georgias peaceful plan of conflict settlement in former South Ossetia autonomous district, which was supported by the EU and OSCE, was actually declined by Russian Federation", states the resolution. Thus, Russia, document says, "is permanently trying to annex Georgian lands".

Further, the resolution says the following: "taking al said into account, it becomes clear that actions of Russian military forces in Abkhazia and former South Ossetia autonomous district are one of the main barriers to conflicts peaceful settlement".

The parliament assigned the government to commence necessary procedures for the soonest ceasing of so-called peacemaking process in Abkhazia and former South Ossetia autonomous district and withdrawing peacemakers from Georgia.