Fundraising by presidential candidates US

Other News Materials 2 February 2008 05:52 (UTC +04:00)

( dpa )- Hillary Clinton had more money in her campaign war chest than any other Democratic or Republican presidential candidates at the end of 2007.

The Federal Election Commission, which requires candidates to file reports on their fund raising activities, released its final report for 2007 Thursday night.

For the month of January, Democrat Barack Obama raised 32 million dollars - record total for any one month - his campaign announced Thursday. The other candidates have not announced their monthly totals.

Cash plays a major role in any campaign for the presidency, but it does not guarantee success. On the Democratic side, the two richest campaigns have emerged as the clear frontrunners. But on the Republican side the frontrunner, John McCain, ranked third in his field.

Below is a list of the amount of money Democratic and Republican hopefuls had at the end of 2007.

Democrats (in millions)

Clinton 115.6 Obama 102.2 John Edwards+ 43.9 Bill Richardson+ 23.6 Christopher Dodd+ 16.5 Joseph Biden + 11.3 Dennis Kucinich+ 3.9 Mike Gravel 0.4

Total 317.4


Mitt Romney 88.5* Rudolph Giuliani+ 60.9 John McCain 41.1 Ron Paul 28.1 Fred Thompson+ 21.6 Mike Huckabee 9.0 Tom Tancredo+ 6.2 Sam Brownback+ 4.2 Duncan Hunter+ 2.5 Tommy Thompson+ 1.2 John Cox+ 1.1 James Gilmore+ 0.4

Total 264.8

Romney's amount included 35 million dollars of his own money. Has withdrawn from the race