Chavez rejects independence of Kosovo

Other News Materials 22 February 2008 00:33 (UTC +04:00)

( dpa ) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez rejected the independence of Kosovo on Thursday, calling it "an extremely dangerous precedent" and accusing the United States of spearheading the move.

"We do not recognize the independence of Kosovo, we do not recognize it, we protest against it. I do not know how there can be countries that accept that," Chavez said. "That is part of the pressure from the United States. I do not know how there can be European countries that accept that."

Protesters in Belgrade attacked the embassies of the US and other countries that had recognized Kosovo during demonstrations on Thursday.

Chavez said he wondered whether Italy would accept the independence of its own southern region of Veneto, or whether France, Britain or any Latin American country would deal similarly with a separatist movement.

"It is worrying that the United Nations lends itself to that game from the United States, because the United States occupies that territory. It is very worrying. It is the decadent empire in despair," Chavez said.

He stressed that his government shares the position of Russia, China, and other countries including Spain who have not recognized Kosovo's declaration of independence from Serbia.

"It is an extremely dangerous precedent and it can also be the beginning of I don't know how many wars. Does the United Nations realize this, since it is supposed to be an organ that looks after peace, avoids war?" he said.