Kylie Minogue's secret reunion with newly single movie director Alexander Dahm

Other News Materials 2 April 2008 11:50 (UTC +04:00)
Kylie Minogue's secret reunion with newly single movie director Alexander Dahm

(dailymail.co.uk ) - Kylie Minogue sent the fans into a spin after spending time with married movie director Alexander Dahm last year.

And the pop princess has again caught up with the Chilean - but this time round, he's single.

Dahm, 40, has confirmed the pair were again in each other's company during his visit to London last month, however he denied reports he spent six nights with the star at her apartment in Chelsea.

He told Grazia magazine: "I'm a private person and would rather stay that way. But to honour the truth, I will tell you what really happened with Kylie.

"I met up with Kylie when I was in London but only once for a coffee. It was nothing but two people who have projects in common meeting to catch up."

"Kylie and I are good friends."

The 39-year-old singer found herself at the centre of controversy last May after the pair were spotted together in Chile, while his heavily pregnant wife Laura remained at home in Mexico City.

At the time, Laura described it was "the week from hell", adding: "I'm supposed to be enjoying the last few weeks of my pregnancy... instead I'm crying constantly on the phone, begging him to come home as he is being accused of sleeping with one of the world's biggest stars."

Both denied any improper behaviour, with Kylie issuing a statement that said it would be "immoral to be involved with a married man".

Dahm now says that he was never actually married to Laura, and the relationship was in fact, over.

He said: "Emotionally for me that relationship with Laura was over, but we were expecting another child, so we basically did it for our family.

"When all that stuff with Kylie came up last May, imagine then if I had said, 'Wait, I am not married.' Can you imagine the mayhem that would have caused?"

Meanwhile, Kylie has jetted off to the New York to promote her new album X ahead of its US release.

During a interview on NBC's The Today Show, she laughed off talk she's planning to marry her former boyfriend Olivier Martinez.