Christina Ricci's Biel butt wish

Other News Materials 4 April 2008 10:52 (UTC +04:00)
Christina Ricci's   Biel butt wish

(list.co.uk ) - Christina Ricci wants Jessica Biel's butt.

The 'Speed Racer' actress longs to have Jessica's rounder rump but despite her best efforts will never achieve her desired derriere because of her tiny five-foot frame.

She said: "I asked my trainer, 'Can you give me Jessica Biel's butt?' I want a bigger butt.

"Unfortunately my trainer said I couldn't. Everyone wants what they can't have!"

Despite her butt issues, Christina insists she has finally learned to accept her physique and lives a happier life because of it.

She said: "I do not want to waste one more minute of my life feeling bad about the way I look. If you're obsessed with how you look in your bikini, you're not going to have as much fun at the beach. I've never liked summer because I didn't want to show off my arms - I know how crazy that sounds."

The 28-year-old actress says despite adopting a healthier lifestyle she still can't resist sweet treats.

She added to Britain's Elle magazine: "I conquered my issues but it stays with you. I do not starve myself now - my weakness is candy and sweets. It's my only vice! I gave up drinking because I'm too small to handle it and that helps me keep some weight off."