Rescued pigeon follows Taiwan teacher to work every day

Other News Materials 12 April 2008 11:54 (UTC +04:00)

(dpa) - A Taiwanese teacher has been followed everyday day by a pigeon that she rescued half a year ago, a local newspaper reported Saturday.

According to the Liberty Times, Pan Hsueh-hua, dean of the Chutian Primary School in Pingtung County, south Taiwan, took home and cared for an injured pigeon she found on her school campus half a year ago.

Thinking the pigeon had a owner, Pan released the bird a week later. But half a month later, the pigeon flew back to Pan's home and made herself a nest in her garage.

Ever since, the pigeon has followed Pan on her daily drive to school and her drive home, a distance of 6 kilometres. When Pan is at home, the pigeon follows her around.

Pan said she is touched by the pigeon's friendliness, but says she will let things take their own course. "If the pigeon wants to fly away, I won't stop it," she was quoted as saying.

Tang Chi-lin, from the Pintung Wild Bird Society, said trained pigeons can be close to their owners, but unless they are raised from chicks, they usual do not recognize or bond with their owners.