Arsonists in Athens destroy second Saudi embassy car

Other News Materials 15 April 2008 11:38 (UTC +04:00)

(dpa) - Arsonists claimed responsibility for bombing a diplomatic car belonging to the embassy of Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, the second such attack against the embassy in two nights, reports said.

The car, which had diplomatic licence plates and was parked in the northern suburb of Marathonas, was set on fire by home-made gas canisters, causing minor damage and no injuries.

Unknown arsonists had fire-bombed another Saudi embassy car on Monday night which was parked in a suburb near central Athens.

An unknown caller to a local telephone station said a little known left-wing group called Subversive Cell claimed responsibility for the first attack while another group, Revolutionary Struggle, claimed responsibility for the second attack.

Reports said the attack was in response to the arrest of a suspected criminal involved in a bank robbery last year who was set to stand trial this week.

Vehicles belonging to diplomats, businessmen and politicians have often been attacked by anarchists in Greece.