Embezzlement charges for fund-raisers with Islamic focus

Other News Materials 23 April 2008 20:53 (UTC +04:00)

Three men who raised funds for a charity with an Islamic focus have been indicted in Germany for embezzling millions of euros, prosecutors in Frankfurt said Wednesday, reported the dpa.

The Turkish-born men are alleged to have removed 18.6 million euros (29.7 million dollars) in cash from the bank accounts of German-registered association Deniz Feneri. Prosecutors said some of the cash was smuggled to Turkey.

The charity raised foreign-relief funds among well-off Turkish communities on a Deniz Feneri television programme. The title means lighthouse. Advertisements on the internet, in the press and on a Dutch-based television channel Euro 7 used images of suffering in Turkey, Pakistan and other nations, prosecutors said.

Police established that donations to Deniz Feneri from early 2002 until the end of April 2007, when an inquiry into the charity became public, had totalled 41 million euros.