Bill Clinton to speak at Democratic convention

Other News Materials 8 August 2008 11:04 (UTC +04:00)

With two weeks left before Democrats meet in Colorado to nominate Barack Obama as their presidential candidate, much of the debate this week has been on what Hillary and Bill Clinton would do during the August 25-28 party unity event, reported dpa.

It appeared late Thursday that former president Bill Clinton, one of the Democratic Party's most important figures, has been invited by Obama to be a lead speaker on August 27, the evening before Obama accepts the nomination in Denver, media reports said, citing party and campaign officials.

But that speaking slot still didn't resolve the issue of what to do about Obama's ousted rival for the nomination, Hillary Clinton, and her disgruntled supporters, even as she heads to Nevada Friday to campaign for Obama.

Hillary Clinton, who narrowly lost the nomination bid, indicated this week that she still might put her name up for nomination to appease demands by her supporters for recognition of her historic bid for the Democratic presidential nod.