Belarus President expects massive voter turnout at forthcoming elections

Other News Materials 22 September 2008 17:01 (UTC +04:00)

Around 85% of Belarus' population is ready to participate in the forthcoming parliamentary elections, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said at a government session dedicated to the election campaign progress on September 22, reported Belta.

"It is rather a large percentage. More than half of the nation believes it is their civic duty," remarked the head of state. "Belarus citizens have not failed us in any election campaign. They have always demonstrated a high turnout. I am confident it will be so this time, too".

Alexander Lukashenko is convinced the nation has determined its choice and knows who it will vote for. "Belarusians have never been bought into by shallow words and promises. They can tell the difference between political opportunists and worthy people. Our people will vote for candidates promoted by life, for those who are established as professionals in their jobs, who know hopes and problems of common people and are able to address them," said the President.

Referring to social polls, Alexander Lukashenko remarked Belarusians would like to see honest, respectful, infallible statesmen elected to the parliament.

"The parliament should consist of decent people. The nation's reasoning is right. I don't doubt electors will vote for the candidates who will be truly beneficial for the country and its citizens instead of those, who want to get into the parliament to fill their pockets and shout," said the President.

Alexander Lukashenko also asked people not to impose additional requirements on deputies. "MPs should create laws representing interests of people in the parliament. They will work neither for the government, nor governors, nor chairmen of regional executive committees and will not tell them what to do. In our country the operation of the legislative and executive powers is strictly specified and their authority is divided," added the head of state.