Zimbabwe opposition leader requests meeting President Mugabe

Other News Materials 11 January 2009 23:48 (UTC +04:00)

Zimbabwe's opposition MDC-T is seeking a meeting between President Robert Mugabe and its leader to discuss distribution of ministries, the state media New Ziana reported on Sunday.

The opposition party spokesperson Nelson Chamisa confirmed that the party has written to President Robert Mugabe requesting a meeting of the principals to resolve outstanding issues, Xinhua reported.

"We have officially written to President Mugabe requesting him to avail himself for a meeting of the principals to resolve outstanding issues," Chamisa was quoted by New Ziana as saying.

Chamisa said the party had given President Mugabe up to Jan. 20 to convene the meeting, failure of which it would withdraw from the global agreement to form an inclusive government.

"We hope that could be the way for the people of Zimbabwe who are suffering," he said. The MDC-T was anxious that the issue of formation of an inclusive government was finalised for the country to move forward, he added.

Chamisa declined to comment on whether the party was prepared to make concessions on the contentious issue of controlling the Ministry of Home Affairs, saying such issues could not be discussed in public.

He said the party was making some "modest" and "palpable" proposals that would allow resolution of the issue. "We hope the issue can be resolve if people are serious about solving the crisis in the country," he said.