US Senate Majority Leader Calls For Strengthening Economic Ties With India

Other News Materials 1 October 2021 14:14 (UTC +04:00)

US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has expressed solidarity with India and called for strengthening economic ties between the two countries.

Speaking at a virtual summit organized by the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF), the top Democrat leader discussed the strategic partnership between the two countries, working with Quad members, strengthening economic ties, immigration and fighting terrorism.

"I'm going to find ways for Congress to continue promoting our two countries mutual defence, including working with QUAD members," the top Democrat leader said in his address.

"America is a whole lot better off because of the long strong and crucial friendship between India and the United States," Schumer said on Wednesday.

The democrat leader declared that he will use his 'clout' to make sure that America and India stay close together. "We will create new opportunities in this century to prosper together, and that Indian Americans are given the full benefits of life in America free of discrimination," schemer affirmed.