ASALA being ‘unchained’

Türkiye Materials 26 July 2020 18:20 (UTC +04:00)
ASALA being ‘unchained’
Rufiz Hafizoglu
Rufiz Hafizoglu
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, July 26

The more Armenia's policy fails in the region and in the world, the more aggressive this small but very ambitious country becomes towards neighboring countries, as well as to the peoples who are aware of the false Armenian policy.

Armenia, which claims to be the "defender" of the Christian values in the region, is hostile towards its neighbors, and considers the extermination of Turks and Muslims, as well as all other peoples that do not fit into the "Armenian dream" as the meaning of its existence.

The peoples of the region have already become witnesses of attempts to implement the Armenian chimera - the creation of "great Armenia" in 1915 and during the occupation of the Azerbaijani historical territories.

While the regional countries, namely, Azerbaijan, Turkey and almost all neighboring countries, followed the path of democracy by creating equal conditions for representatives of all nationalities living in their territories, the Armenian political elite still builds its ideology on the Nazi dogmas of the fierce enemy of all peoples of the former USSR, odious fascist Garegin Nzhdeh (1886-1955).

Taking Nzhdeh’s vicious ideological heritage as the basis, the Armenian political elite not only well mastered his fascist methods, rejected by the entire mankind, but also openly boasts of their real implementation.

At the same time, amid the global war against terrorism, Armenia and the majority of Armenians stubbornly regard the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA) terrorists as national heroes, "builders of great Armenia".

Obviously, the statement “terror has no nationality or religion” does not apply to the Armenians, they finally lost their minds, intoxicated by the chimera of “great Armenia”, elevating terrorism to the rank of a national idea.

As it is known, more than a third of the ASALA attacks were committed at airports in various countries, a half of attacks were committed against diplomatic missions and diplomats. ASALA terrorists in some cases also attacked religious leaders and media representatives.

In total, the "record of service" of the notorious Armenian terrorist organization includes 110 terrorist attacks. Turkish diplomacy suffered from ASALA most of all - 42 people died.

ASALA’s final "feat" is the explosion of a bomb in the Turkish embassy in Brussels in 1997, after which the Armenian national terrorist organization went "underground".

ASALA was established in 1975 in Beirut, during the civil war by Lebanese Armenian Hakob Hakobyan, who took part in the activity of the Palestinian armed organizations in the early 1970s.

However, some acts of terrorism were committed before its formal creation. That is, the armed conflicts in the Middle East have become fertile ground for the emergence of the Armenian terrorism.

Today, the end of peaceful life and political instability may become as a bitter “surprise” far beyond this troubled region if ASALA resumes its terrorist activity.

Actually, ASALA’s menacing step is already visible in the West - during the provocations against the peaceful rallies of Azerbaijanis and Turks in several Western countries, including the US. The Armenians wear T-shirts with the inscription ASALA in an emphatic manner and chant the misanthropic slogans of terrorists.

This means that ASALA is being unchained.

Meanwhile, the obvious problem is that in response to the open aggression of the Armenians intoxicated with ASALA’s ideas, the police of the Western countries did nothing to prevent violence against Azerbaijanis.

There is no doubt that the Armenian lobby and the Armenian authorities are behind the "resurrection" of ASALA, which poses a threat not only to Azerbaijan and Turkey, but also to the whole world.

The West must draw conclusions as a result of the recent provocations of Armenians against the peaceful rallies of Azerbaijanis till it is not too late as in addition to the vast diaspora, the active migration of Armenians to the West will inevitably entail the "flourishing" of the ideas of terrorism.


By Rufiz Hafizoglu, deputy editor-in-chief of Trend news agency

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