Digital Communications to be discussed in framework of “WCFDavos Kyiv” Forum

Photo: Digital Communications to be discussed in framework of “WCFDavos Kyiv” Forum / Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan, Feb. 3

In the framework of Davos communication Forum ("WCFDavos Kyiv"), which is going to run in Kyiv, panel discussion on "From digital-effectiveness to business-effectiveness. New money" topic will be held.

Communication failures are costly. When misunderstanding builds up, it tends to spill over in discontent at some point or another. Latest developments in Ukraine are an apt illustration of the idea. Today, it is particularly important to stay up to speed with the international communication trends and find out how those can be effectively practiced in Ukraine.

Communication Forum Davos WCFDavos Kyiv is a powerful platform for searching effective behavior models in business, public sector and digital space. The event will take place on 14 March 2014.

One of the Forum's discussion panels will be dedicated to digital communications as one of the most rapidly developing and sought-after discipline. This will be the first time in Ukraine that the world's top professionals will share their view of the digital reality and speak about why Big Data is so important for digital marketing professionals.


Gianni Catalfamo - CEO of Digital & Social Media Leadership boutique cc:catalfamo (Italy), renowned digital communications expert from Europe. Gianni Catalfamo has led accounts of such IT behemoths as IBM and Lenovo. He has also founded and maintains a successful personal blog Son of Geek Talk.

Roman Havrysh - Managing Partner and Strategic Planning Director at Aimbulance, Ukraine's most effective digital agency according to Effie Awards. In 2012 Roman has become the head of Ukrainian Digital Agencies Committee.

Lars Hilse - founder and CEO of Lars Hilse, Web Strategy & E-Business Development Consultants (Germany). His ideas have been implemented in many countries and his publications have inspired dozens of research papers. The ground-breaking visions about user experience that he published in 2009 are today utilized by Facebook and other major social networks.

Panel will be moderated by Oksana Horbach, Digital Director at marketing and media agencies group AGAMA communications (Ukraine).

"Despite the fact that digital marketing has been around for quite a while, questions like 'How digital communications can benefit my business?' and 'What consumer activity is the most effective in digital channels?' still remain open. To answer those, we invited digital gurus from Europe and Ukraine to join us for an open discussion dedicated to the most acute and pressing question facing all Ukrainian marketing professionals: 'How do we monetize digital communications?'", says Oksana Horbach, digital director at AGAMA communications.

Discussion panel was initiated by the Forum's digital partner - international marketing and media communications agencies group AGAMA communications. Founded in November 2013, AGAMA communications unites 16 agencies of communications holding Atlantic Group and is its structural unit. The group was created to facilitate the integration of creativity, technology and entrepreneurialism across agencies and disciplines. Group's agencies carry out integrated projects of various scale and geography.

"We are definitely excited by the opportunity to hold Communication Forum Davos in Ukraine, as it will allow us to not only study the progress of our international colleagues, but also learn about difficulties commonly faced by Ukrainian experts. Global trends that are evident in 2014 prove that communications' future is with integrated campaigns involving both online and offline promotion. We are happy to be holding this kind of discussion in Kiev under such a recognized brand as Forum Davos", says Irina Novikova, CEO at AGAMA communications.

WCFDavos Kyiv Partners:

Major Partner - International Alexander Feldman's Fund. Founded 17 years ago, the organization has been actively supporting sports, healthcare, cultural and educational programs in Ukraine. Currently, fund's major project is construction of a social multiplex FELDMAN ECOPARK. Long-term communication campaign is an essential part of the project. Among its accomplishments are educational 'Living Book' and a series of charitable auctions 'The Art of Mercy'.

Partner - SUN InBev Ukraine

Major Media Partner - Ekonomika Communication Hub (Investgazeta,, MMR)

Media Partner:

• European Business Association (EBA)
• American Chamber of Commerce (ACC)
• Ukrainian Association of Public Relations (UAPR)
• International Association of Marketing Initiatives (IAMI)
• BVU Group
• Communications agency RED Communications (Azerbaijan)
• Consulting company PR Institute (Belarus)
• Announcing service (Kazakhstan)
• Independent PR agency Communication and Consultants (Lithuania)

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