Nar Mobile adheres to affordable tariffs policy

Photo: Nar Mobile adheres to affordable tariffs policy
 / Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan, May 8


Nar Mobile, Azerbaijan's fastest growing mobile operator has a long history of providing an exceptional value for its customers via a variety of attractive tariff offerings, according to a message from the company.

"Based on thorough analysis and consumer research we feel confident that we are providing the most attractive prices to consumers. This is helping to drive our subscriber base growth in a rate that outpaces the growth rates of either of our competitors," Nar Mobile said.

Some of the company's tariffs are enough to mention in order to demonstrate the affordability of the pricing strategy of Nar Mobile:

- 'Unique' tariff plan that allows communicating for 4 qapik per minute to all directions countrywide, simple and without any conditions!

- 'New Unlimited' tariff plan that provides the subscribers with a possibility to talk as much as they want within the network for a very attractive daily fee!

- '3 For You', the company's newest tariff plan that allows making countrywide calls from regions for as low as 3 qapik per minute - unprecedented level of affordable pricing!

- '3 in 1' tariff that provides big amounts of voice minutes, internet and SMS for a weekly fee!

- '0' tariff plan, where customers can pay a small connection fee and talk for 0 qapik per minute for first 3 minutes of on-net call!

"Beyond our standard tariffs many other of our services offered with very attractive pricing. For example, in Data Services our simple internet packages provide a great variety of choice and best value in practically all the price points. In addition, we have uniquely simple and attractive roaming offering when customers pay one price per zone which is generally below competitors' prices," Nar Mobile said.

Nar Mobile remains committed to meeting the consumer needs in the most effective manner with a constantly improving network, exceptional value in tariffs and outstanding customer care.

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