DPRK declares no-navigation zone in western border

Photo: DPRK declares no-navigation zone in western border / Politics

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) declared a no-navigation zone in waters near the western maritime border Monday, indicating another missile launches, according to South Korean military officials.

The DPRK issued the warning, which bans ships from sailing near the Northern Limit Line, or the disputed sea border, hinting that it will conduct firing exercises with rocket-propelled artillery guns near the tense maritime border, Xinhua reported.

Pyongyang has not issued such warnings when they launched short- and medium-range missiles in recent weeks, causing strong backlashes from neighboring countries for its violation of the international maritime law.

On March 4 when the DPRK fired projectiles from its newly developed multiple-rocket launcher, one passenger jet was flying near the trajectory of the rockets at roughly the same time.

The China Southern Airlines jet with more than 200 passengers on board was heading for Shenyang from Tokyo when it passed through the same sky off the eastern coast of the DPRK as the trajectory of the artillery shells.

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