Iran, Turkey discuss regional developments

Photo: Iran, Turkey discuss regional developments / Politics

Iranˈs Ambassador to Ankara Alireza Bigdeli on Thursday held talks with first deputy of AK political party Mohamed Ali Shahin on regional developments mainly the recent aggression of Israel on Gaza. In the meeting, they also discussed expansion of relations between Iran and Turkey, IRNA reported.

The recent visit of the Turkish prime minister to Tehran is regarded as a turning point in the history of relations and cooperation between the two countries, Mohammed Ali said.

He expressed the hope that the volume of trade exchange between the two countries would be further increased.

Cooperation between Iran and Turkey in resolving regional and global issues is of prime importance, he said.

He also called for cooperation between Iran and Turkey in dealing with the situation in Gaza Strip.

Iranˈs ambassador, for his part, said that adopting a close stand by the two sides on the issue of Palestine would prepare the grounds for expansion of cooperation between the two countries.

The terrorist groups try to sow seeds of discords among Muslims to attain their sinister goals and shatter the image of Islam, he said and called for close cooperation between the two countries in fighting the terrorist groups and forging unity and brotherhood among Muslims.

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