Head of the Institute: Google, using Soviet-era maps, provides false information about Azerbaijan

Photo: Head of the Institute: Google, using Soviet-era maps, provides false information about Azerbaijan
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Azerbaijan, Baku, Sept. 30 /Trend, I. Isabalayeva/

Distortions have been found on Google's maps of Azerbaijan, acting director of the Institute of Geography of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) Ramiz Mammadov told Trend on Monday.

"I also come across such facts, but it is impossible to completely prevent this," he said.

According to him, anyone can edit maps on Google. Armenians use this to distort the map of Azerbaijan.

The acting director of the Institute said that Google still uses maps from Soviet times.

The scientist noted that all maps that Azerbaijan inherited from the Soviet period are wrong. According to him, if the coordinates of the maps are correct, then they are placed on Google. But due to the fact that the coordinates on the maps from the Soviet period are wrong, none of them are loaded on Google.

"None of the maps remaining from the Soviet era are correct. When placing these maps on Google, Baku gets in one place and Siazan, another. But now, geographical bonds on maps are accurate to the millimeter. Now these maps are loaded onto maps of the whole world. If not loaded, then the map is nothing," the acting director said.

Mammadov said that there are various reasons for incorrect coordinates on maps from the Soviet period. The main reason lies in the fact that the maps were compiled manually, but now they are complied with special electronic applications. One of the benefits of these maps is their accuracy.

Each map is an information base, and now after setting the cursor to any point on the map, data on the region appears, Mammadov said.

"For example, it gives information on a plain. After a click with cursor, information on the area, fauna and flora of the territory appears. When the cursor is on any settlement, figures showing the population of the settlement, number of men and women appear. It means that the map at the moment is a large information base. If there is not any information, then the map is simply dumb," Mammadov said.

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