American Trading Company expands trade area (PHOTO)

Baku, Azerbaijan, April 28


The American Trading Company arranged another delivery of Argentinean Hi-Pro soybean meal for Georgian and Azerbaijan customers, according to a message from the company.

The company mainly operates in Georgian and Azerbaijan markets, but widening its geographic reach into new markets, mainly into Central Asia, such as Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

"An intensive focus and strict control on quality and quantity, readiness to meet effectively and timely the growing need of soybean meal clients, partnership with customers are an integral part of company's strategy and key point of its successful business. To control quality and quantity, American Trading Company is cooperating with world's leading surveyor company - SGS, which uses the latest technologies for quality control," according to the company's message.

Representatives of SGS control safety of cargo at loading and discharging ports, reloading on wagons and reweighting on an electronic rail weighbridge.

Transportation of cargo oftentimes is associated with damage or loss of cargo. Insurance is the most secure and vital part of transportation to reduce losses to minimum.

"Quantity, quality and force majeure circumstances are fully insured for goods delivered by American Trading Company that provides additional comfort to our customers," director of the company, Marika Baratashvili said.

In the logistic cycle of soybean meal, considerable attention is paid to transportation duration and effectiveness of individual components of cargo transportation. Loading of small tonnage vessel (about 3000 tons) takes about two days, sea transportation between the Black Sea ports - about two to three days.

Efficient handling of vessel is important at the discharging port for quick port turn around. Discharging the above vessel takes 1.5 to two days at Batumi port, railway transportation to Tbilisi and Georgian-Azerbaijan border one to two days.

Generally, cargo delivery requires six to nine days from loading port to destination railway station.

For organizing smooth railway transportation the important part is: careful preparation of documents, rapid coordination of customs procedures, according to density of soybean meal and precise selection of railway wagons.

That is why, railway transportation professionals' service is very important, it is provided by a freight forwarding company. Timely chartering of the vessel is vital as well, taking into consideration age and classification society (preferable IACS member) reduces insurance premiums, this service is provided by maritime transport experts.

After long observation and analysis, logistics specialists of American Trading Company chose Batumi Sea port as a main discharging port in Georgia for reloading soybean meal from ship to railway wagons.

Batumi port provides mooring ships to berth up on arrival, which significantly reduces the risk of demurrage. Reloading cargo from the ship to the wagons (grain carrier) is arranged promtly. For the cargo insurance, while the actual quantity is determined by reweighing the railway wagons, certification of electronic scales in port by internationally acknowledged companies is very important. That was also an important criterion in favor of the port of Batumi's selection.

" Ease of communication and fast solution of problems are significant in relation with the port, that successfully implement logistics and commercial departments of Batumi port," according to the logistics department of American Trading Company.

Procurement of soybean meal can be arranged on full vessel lot (optimally from 2,250 tons), or by railway wagons (one wagon on average 52-56 tons).

Monthly American Trading Company supplies one or two vessel lots (on average 3,000 tons) through the port of Batumi.

Upon request, the company can also arrange soybean meal delivery to the destination station by the railway wagons to Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.

Department of Logistics of American Trading Company offers clients sole cargo transportation services as well: maritime transportation, railway transportation, port services, and a full cycle of transportation - from the loading port to the destination.

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