Get your money faster with Azerbaijani Unibank!

Photo: Get your money faster with Azerbaijani Unibank!

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Baku, Azerbaijan, Aug. 12


Now, Unibank will get you your money faster still when your relatives send it to you from Azerbaijan and abroad. You won't even have to come up to the Bank because the money will land right on your Visa card. The Visa Direct service that manages long-distance instant transfers comes from Visa; Unibank has become connected to it and this makes possible to make money transfers from any country of the world to even the remotest regions of Azerbaijan and abroad in a very small amount of time.

Using the Visa Direct, the customers of Unibank can transfer money via cashlines. It can take several seconds to 2 working days. Such transfers will only be supported by the Visa cards issued by Unibank.

When the customers make this operation using the plastic cards issued by the other banks that have to do with Unibank and the Milli Kart processing centre, the customers will have to pay the fees. The fees are: 1% of the transferred amount (minimum AZN/USD/EUR/GBP 1) for money transfers to plastic cards within Azerbaijan and 1% (minimum AZN/USD/EUR/GBP 2) for money transfers beyond the boundaries of Azerbaijan).

For details, please call (012) 117 or visit the website of the bank at ( or else go to its Facebook page (

Unibank -bank for everyone.

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