Albali Plus championship winners are known

Photo: Albali Plus championship winners are known / Economy news

Baku, Azerbaijan, Aug. 18


The Unibank ALBALI PLUS Football Cup games are over. The clients of the Bank took place in the final matches as well as in the awarding ceremony alongside the ALBALI PLUS (ALBALI) partners. The ceremony that started with the commemoration of the martyrs included the patriotic performance by the singer Elnara. Her songs gave the footballers the added inspiration to play and win. First of all, the fans watched the 3rd place match between the Unibank Ahmedli and the Sintex teams. The latter won the 3rd place.

The match for the 1st place was the most captivating one of them all, of course. The Central Bank teams and the Unibank 'Bankers' showed the exciting and professional football with the help of their respective supporters. The Bankers won the Cup. The CBA team took the 2nd position and the Sintex team won the 3rd place. Besides, the championship that had been organised in accordance with the Olympic system and had the professional referees also saw the awards going out to the best goalie, the best scorer and the best final game player. The three winning teams were given the money prizes, the Cups and the medals.

It should be mentioned that the team of the Central Bank and more than ten teams of the partners - Milli Kart, Sintex, Koton, Araz Market, Favorit Market, Integral, World Telecom, BOA, ABC Telecom (Kontakt) and Flexi Credit - have contested for the ALBALI PLUS Cup alongside the teams made of the Unibank employees.

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