Close ties between Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan should be taken into account in EAU’s creation

Photo: Close ties between Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan should be taken into account in EAU’s creation  / Kazakhstan

Astana, Kazakhstan, June 5

By Daniyar Mukhtarov - Trend:

In creating the Eurasian Economic Union (EAU), it should be noted that Astana's relations with Baku are stronger than with Yerevan, according to the Kazakh political scientist, head of World of Eurasia Public Foundation, Eduard Poletayev.

"Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are bound by common historical and cultural ties, sea border, events of Turkic speaking countries, a strong Azerbaijani diaspora in Kazakhstan ...," the expert said.

He pointed out that today, the aim is to maintain the qualitative and good relations between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan after Armenia's accession to the EAU, adding that this is the main task that can't but be taken into account by virtue of Nazarbayev's image as a respected politician.

"At the same time, he is familiar with the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict from the very beginning and has taken part in peacekeeping processes on this conflict," Poletayev said.

The expert stressed that during the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council, the Kazakh president expressed the concerns which the heads of other Turkic speaking countries have, but do not express. The Kazakh president made it clear that it is necessary to take into account the interests of other parties in the conflict zones.

"And this is logical, because we will be in the same economic team and the problems between Armenia and Azerbaijan (over the Nagorno-Karabakh) may politicize the issue of establishing the EAU," the expert said.

Poletayev stressed that Kazakhstan has repeatedly stated that the EAU is a purely economic union and economic pragmatism is the main component of the association.

"Politics may appear and may be demonstrated after Armenia's joining the Eurasian Economic Union," he said. "Such nuances are very sensitive to the economic well-being of such a new organization as the Eurasian Economic Union, which needs to work."

"In his address to the Armenian president, the Kazakh counterpart warned of possible problems," he said.

Poletayev recalled that when the issue of Armenia's joining the Customs Union appeared, the experts have repeatedly raised the question concerning the breakaway territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Appealing to Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, at a meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council in Astana on May 29, President Nazarbayev asked him to comply with UN principles concerning the officially fixed boundaries when joining the Customs Union.

"If all trade issues are resolved, it is necessary for the Armenian president to resolve one issue that you join the Customs Union as part of the UN-recognized borders of Armenia," Nazarbayev added.

He said that this issue must be discussed by all parties in June.

"The presidents of the three countries received an appeal from the Azerbaijani side urging Armenia to join with a stipulation that the provisions of the WTO and Customs Union must be used within its borders recognized by the international law," the president added.

It was previously reported that Armenia will be the first country to be able to join Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia within the Customs Union.

Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan also show willingness to join these countries in the Eurasian Economic Union. Their joining is scheduled between now and July 1, 2014. The agreement on Armenia's joining the Customs Union is planned to be signed by June 15, 2014.

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