Developments in Ukraine to cause serious changes in world economic relations

Photo: Developments in Ukraine to cause serious changes in world economic relations / Kazakhstan

Astana, Kazakhstan, Sept.2

By Daniyar Mukhtarov - Trend:

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev urged the country's MPs and government members to coordinate efforts in connection with the developments in Ukraine.

The president made the remarks while opening the fourth session of the parliament of the fifth convocation Sept.2.

"There is unpredictability in the world economy. The geopolitical risks that have emerged as a result of the developments in Ukraine are increasing," Nazarbayev stressed.

He underscored that the countries that account for a total of 60 percent of the world GDP have imposed sanctions against each other.

"All this causes serious changes in the current economic relations and world order. This will lead to the decrease of the economic growth of our partners and it will also affect us," the head of state said.

Nazarbayev stressed that it is necessary to make every effort to prevent the possible negative impacts on the economy, people's welfare and Kazakhstan's security.

"Today the parliament and the government need to coordinate their efforts to skillfully take the advantage of the 'windows of opportunity," Nazarbayev said.

Kazakh president underscored that one of the main challenges related to Kazakhstan's joining the top 30 developed countries is to continue administrative reforms and create an effective system of governance.

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