Iranian, Afghan presidents to sign comprehensive pact of friendship and cooperation

Photo: Iranian, Afghan presidents to sign comprehensive pact of friendship and cooperation / Iran

Iranian and Afghan presidents are to sign a comprehensive pact of friendship and cooperation between Tehran and Kabul in order to bolster mutual ties, IRNA reported.

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani and his Afghan counterpart Hamed Karzai in Tehran on Sunday agreed to sign the pact.

Iranian and Afghan foreign ministers and other officials were present in the meeting of the two presidents.

IRNA reporter said that a join communique was issued according to which the two countries' foreign ministers were assigned to draw up topics of a comprehensive pact of friendship and cooperation.

The two presidents exchanged views on latest situation in Afghanistan and the country's latest political and security developments.

Rouhani acknowledged Iranian strong opposition to any foreign presence in the region, especially in the Muslim country of Afghanistan, and said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is against foreign presence in the region, the Middle East and the Persian Gulf.

"We are concerned about tension arising out of presence of foreign forces in the region, believing that all foreign forces should get out of the region and the task of guaranteeing Afghan security should be entrusted to the country's people."

Underlining the good neighborly and brotherly relations between Iran and Afghanistan as well as long-term cultural, religious and lingual commonalties, Rouhani said the Government of Hope and Prudence calls for expansion of relations with the neighbors, the brotherly and Muslim country of Afghanistan in particular, believing that the welfare and security of Afghan people would lead to expansion of cooperation in the region.

Karzai, for his part, congratulated Rouhani on the Geneva agreement, saying the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been treating Afghanistan with brotherly attitude and sincerity.

President Karzai made it clear that the Afghan government and nation have always been honorably regarding Iranian government and people with admiration.

On the need to protect the environment and border cooperation, especially with regards to water, the Afghan president said Afghanistan adheres to all accords and agreements with Iran.

President Kazai said that the Afghan government is keen on signing a comprehensive friendship pact of cooperation in the cultural, economic and political domains with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He said that he is sure that the Afghan people will highly welcome the pact.

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