Iranian MP calls for probe into al-Majed’s death

Photo: Iranian MP calls for probe into al-Majed’s death / Iran

A senior Iranian lawmaker has raised doubts about the death of Saudi national Majed al-Majed who masterminded the twin bombings outside Iran's Embassy in Beirut last November, Press TV reported.

Chairman of the Foreign Policy and National Security Committee of Majlis Alaeddin Boroujerdi on Saturday described Majed al-Majed's death as "very ambiguous and questionable" and called on Beirut to launch a comprehensive investigation into the case.

"Under the current circumstances, it is necessary for the Lebanese government to conduct tests and perform an autopsy on al-Majed to establish the cause of his death and prepare a report on that," Boroujerdi said, urging Beirut to launch a special inquiry into the case if evidence shows the Saudi national did not die a natural death.

The lawmaker highlighted Saudi Arabia's support for terrorists operating in the region, noting that Riyadh, as "the main supporter of al-Majed," did not want its role in the Beirut bombings to be revealed.

Iran was to send a team of judiciary officials to Lebanon to follow up the case and receive the information obtained during the interrogation of al-Majed, Boroujerdi said.

He noted that the delegation should be dispatched to Lebanon now to discover the reason behind the Saudi terrorist's death.

"Since al-Majed was a clue [that could lead] to [indentifying] many elements behind the terrorist act outside the Iranian Embassy in Beirut, his interrogation would have definitely yielded useful information on the hidden aspects and masterminds of such acts," he said.

Detained Saudi terrorist Majed Al Majed, the head of the Abduallah Azzam Brigades, was announced dead in Lebanon's military hospital on Saturday.

Majed had been arrested in connection with the twin bombings at the Iranian Embassy in the Lebanese capital of Beirut on November 19, 2013.

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