U.S-Iran: New page in relations

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Azerbaijan, Baku, September 30 /Trend/

Trend Commentator Tamkin Jafarov

The phone conversation between the presidents of the U.S. and Iran, which took place for the first time after 34 years, can be considered a new start in the relations of the two countries.

Iran's nuclear program is one of the complicated issues in the country's foreign policy which involves this country itself and other international bodies. Taking into account that Iran is a leading force in the region and the international community, as well as tensions in the relations between the West and Iran that were established in the past, both of the parties support the solving of this issue by peaceful means and on the basis of "win-win" solution. Therefore, the parties try to solve the problem by reducing tension in relations.

According to experts, the best solution to Iran's nuclear issue will be the gradual settlement of the problem, that is to say, a step-by-step solution. As Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said during his visit to New York, the negotiations should be held during the period from three to six months.

Despite of the fact that tensions in Iran-U.S relations began due to the nuclear issue, currently, one of the reasons for the highest level of tensions are the speculations about Iran's nuclear program. Iran promised to create conditions for transparency of its activity on the nuclear program. One example is the construction of Fordow station near Qom city, which transferred under IAEA control. In addition to this, the U.S. recognizes Iran's right for uranium enrichment for the first time. This fact was recognized by the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry.

If to compare the current and the past state of relations between the two countries, it can be realized that no major changes in the subject matter and in the significance of negotiations between the parties are observed; only the conditions under which these words were said changed.

Hassan Rouhani declared the principles of the Islamic Revolution in his speeches. These principles were also declared earlier, but this time these statements were declared through moderate diplomacy. The U.S. maintains that it is doubtful with regard to the peaceful aims of Iran's nuclear program and will lift the sanctions only after being confident about Iran's peaceful nuclear program. The only difference is that the U.S. stresses that it is more serious in restoration of relations with Iran. Thus, President Obama chose the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry responsible for holding of negotiations.

The only apparent thing is that the political balance between the U.S. and Iran changes, and the parties' powers are being balanced. For instance, the occurrences in Syria can be considered demonstrations of U.S. and Iranian power. The undeniable fact is that Russia and China played a major role in maintaining Bashar Assad's regime. But Iran indirectly participated in this conflict and supports the Bashar Assad regime for over two years as a counterbalance to the policy of the U.S and its allies. And it can be said that they have prevented Basher Assad's downfall. In addition, the recognition of Iran as a country possessing nuclear energy and the recognition of this right by Western countries in inevitable. As the facts of the U.S. attack on Iraq, Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Iran's support to the new Iraqi government, peace process in Afghanistan, the processes in Gaza and other issues are the evidence of that Iran is a leading force in the region.

Taking all the above mentioned factors into account, the U.S. and its allies have reached a time when the sanctions against Iran, although they cause pressure and dissatisfaction, cannot be a fatal blow to this country. Maybe Western states came to the decision not to remove Iran from the scene, but to create the conditions for Iran as one of the most influential states in the region to play in compliance with the generally accepted rules.

A 15-minute phone conversation between the presidents of Iran and the United States can be called a "melting of ice" between the two countries. At the same time, a new page can be opened in the relations between Iran and the West, particularly the United States, in the settlement of the nuclear issue and other issues. This page can be assessed sa a new beginning for solution of all problmes between the U.S. and Iran.

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