Iran fully prepared to reach nuclear deal by July 20: Araghchi

Photo: Iran fully prepared to reach nuclear deal by July 20: Araghchi / Nuclear Program

Iran is determined to reach an agreeement with the six western powers on its nuclear program before the July 20 deadline, Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said here at a press briefing late Tuesday evening, IRNA reported.

Iran is ˈfully prepared to achieve an agreement before the deadline, Araghchi said.

We are ˈvery hopefulˈ and so is the other side that an agreement can be reached before July 20, if there is goodwill and real political determination, he reiterated.

He said there would be three additional rounds of negotiations besides the current one to make headway towards a permanent nuclear deal.

Two rounds of talks would be held in June while the third round could be streched as long as 20 days in July, if there is a need for it, Araghchi said.

He stressed negotiations were at ˈthe most sensitive stage,ˈ saying the start of drafting a final accord was the ˈmost difficult and complicatedˈ phase.

Araghchi acknowledged some of the issues were really difficult and there remained some ˈbig gaps.ˈ

Bridging the gaps is ˈvery difficult but not hopeless,ˈ he said.

Iranˈs senior nuclear negotiator made clear the United States had to make lso ˈtough decisionsˈ in a bid to reach a potentially historic nuclear agreement with Iran.

The American side has to make tough decisions and not be under any illusions, Araghchi said.

He cited Washingtonˈs acceptance of Tehranˈs right to enrich uranium as an example of one of those tough choices.

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