UN: 90 peacekeepers died in 2013, one-third in deliberate attacks

Photo: UN: 90 peacekeepers died in 2013, one-third in deliberate attacks / UN

The number of UN peacekeepers killed in 2013 is currently at 90, the lowest level in five years, however, one-third of the fatalities happened due to deliberate attacks on UN troops, said Herve Ladsous, chief of UN peacekeeping operations, Friday, dpa reported.

"This is a shame," Ladsous said referring to the attacks. "More than ever, safety and security is a main and major concern."

Ladsous did not disclose the nationality of soldiers killed this year saying it was between the UN and the troop-donating member states to discuss.

During the 65-year history of UN peacekeeping operations, 3,172 soldiers have died with almost 2,200 of them due to accidents or illnesses.

According to the UN, 811 troops were killed in "malicious acts" making up about one-fourth of the total number of fatalities.

Ladsous also called on member states from the global North to donate more troops saying that 95 per cent of UN peacekeepers come from countries in the global South, which tends to be less developed.

"It is not a very satisfactory, nor very sustainable situation," Ladsous said.

However, as international troops begin to pull out of Afghanistan, Ladsous said he was hopeful that the number of troop-contributing countries from around the world will increase in 2014.

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