Georgia to start new correctional facility construction

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Georgia, Tbilisi, Dec. 30 / Trend N. Kirtskhalia /

The construction of a new correctional facility of a mixed type for 4,000 prisoners will start in Laituri village, Ozurget district (Western Georgia) next year, the Georgian corrections and legal assistance ministry's report said.

The report reflects the reforms implemented this year. In particular, the liberalization of legislation was carried out. The long-term appointments were introduced. A committee to abolish a suspended sentence was established. The practice of socially useful labour was introduced. The institution of restrictions on freedom, an individual approach to probationers, etc. were introduced.

The report focused on the development of the penitentiary infrastructure. Thus, the construction of the library and education center began in the women's colony, the infrastructure for licensed pharmacies in prisons was created, playgrounds were modernized, an office of legal assistance was opened in Tsalka, a bureau of probation was renovated and re-equipped.

Medical reforms were carried out, in particular, a strategy for reform of prison health care was developed. The primary health care module was introduced.

A mechanism to monitor the treatment of tuberculosis was introduced. The licensing of medical institutions and pharmacies was carried out, etc.

The long-term dating, video dating, preparation for release and employment were introduced for them.

A program of individual approach was introduced in correctional facilities for women and juveniles. The National Probation Agency introduced new services.

The report says about innovations and additional services. Thus, long-term video-dating, postage of parcels for the prisoners were introduced, the Aversi farm pharmacies were opened.

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