Activists detained for graffiti in Yerevan

Photo: Activists detained for graffiti in Yerevan  / Armenia

An action notifying about a proposed rally of the Armenian National Congress scheduled for March 1, began by detaining a group of activists, website reported on Feb. 10.

The activists tried to paste up posters around town and draw graffiti depicting Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan at night.
Nine activists were taken to the police station at the beginning of the action at about 2:30am (local time).

Areg Gevorgyan, one of the detained activists, told that the police are trying to prevent the process of notifying the public about the scheduled meeting by taking such action.

"We were detained without any arguments," he said. "They said the leaflets are damaging property. I suppose the police were prepared in advance as there were many of them. There were many activists, but nine people were detained. Obviously, the police will try to prevent notification."

The young people were subjected to administrative detention and released three hours later.

Translated by NH
Edited by SM

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