Newspaper: teachers beaten by pupils in Yerevan school

Photo: Newspaper: teachers beaten by pupils in Yerevan school
 / Armenia

Recently one of the seventh grade pupils at Yerevan school No.187 punched a teacher for the fact that he "dared to criticize him", said Tuesday quoting the Hraparak newspaper.

The pupil explained his action as follows, "Mom said, if the teacher hurts you, rebuff".

The newspaper said the incident was a subject of special discussion in the director's office, where the student's parent confirmed that it was he instigated his son to commit such an act.

The newspaper's correspondent spoke to other parents of the school's pupils, who said similar incidents have happened before.

Once a student pushed the teacher because he made the student to change his seat, while another student refused to participate in community work day saying, "my mom said you are not a cleaner."

Translated by E.A.

Edited by S.I.

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