Construction of intersystem transmission power lines starts in Georgia

Photo: Construction of intersystem transmission power lines starts in Georgia
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Tbilisi, Georgia, Feb. 11

By Nana Kirtzkhalia - Trend:

The construction of 500 kilovolt intersystem transmission power lines is starting in Georgia's Dariali Gorge.

Georgian Energy and Natural Resources Minister, Kakha Kaladze told journalists on Tuesday that yet there is no specific project on construction of power transmission lines, but this will be extremely important for the country's power grid in case of a future prospect of connecting the power grids of Georgia and Russia with help of 500 kilovolt power transmission lines.

"Today we get the electricity purchased from Russia with help of the Kavkasioni power transmission lines, which suffer from accidents. The restoration of these transmission lines requires a certain amount of time, since it is located in the mountainous Svaneti," the minister said.

He stressed that in case of an agreement with Russia on construction of a similar 500 kilovolt power transmission lines on its side, it will be possible to connect the two countries' power grids, which is of particular importance for Georgia's energy system.

"We will be able to secure the transit of Russian electricity to Turkey and to Europe via Turkey, which will increase the income of the country's economy," Kaladze said.

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