Final data on voters submitted to Georgian CEC

Photo: Final data on voters submitted to Georgian CEC / Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia, June 2
By Nana Kirtzkhalia - Trend:

The National Public Service Development Agency passed all the final necessary data on June 1 to the Georgian Central Executive Commission (CEC) to conduct municipal elections on June 15.

The Development Agency of the Georgian Justice Ministry has worked over the voters' lists for several months. Photos are an obligatory requisite in the voters' lists, according to the amendments, made in the Georgian Electoral Code. Besides adding photographs, the cases of duplication of voters have also been eliminated.

For this purpose, a special photo search system was acquired. Some 4,348,919 of different data was studied via this system. Database discovered 9,595 possible duplication facts, which were sent to territorial services. As a result of verification, 5,537 duplication facts have not been confirmed and in 3,271 cases have been eliminated.

Within the project, 90,787 photographs were replaced in the civil registry database.

As the Justice Minister ordered, free delivery of identity cards was declared for citizens, who do not have residence permit, photographs and having been deregistered to specify voters' lists.

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