Deputy FM: Establishment of Lebanese government to weaken terrorist trends

Photo: Deputy FM: Establishment of Lebanese government to weaken terrorist trends / Arab World

Establishment of Lebanese government will lead to weakening of the Takfiri terrorist trends, which are supported by the Zionist regime of Israel, said Iranian deputy foreign minister for Arab and African Affair Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, in an interview with IRNA.

ˈLebanon will pave the path towards advancement and development under the supportive umbrella of cooperation and unity among the entire tribes, parties, and personalities,ˈ said Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, in an interview with IRNA.

He wished success for Tammam Salam, the new Lebanese prime minister, and praised the efforts made by the former Lebanese prime minister, Najib Miqati, which he said were noteworthy under the tough conditions of the region during his tenure.

After a ten month political blockade, Tammam Salam announced on Monday that compromise was reached that he would form the countryˈs new cabinet.

In the new cabinet Jubran Bassil is proposed by Tammam Salam as his foreign minister, Samir Muqbil as his defense minister and deputy prime minister, and Nahad al-Mashnouq as his interior minister.

The establishment of the new Lebanese government was suspended for some ten months due to the severe differences of opinion among the Lebanese politicians over the method of its establishment, during which Najib Miqati acted as an interim prime minister and head of the provisional government.

Lebanon announced its new government on Saturday, bringing to an end a ten month political deadlock.

Prime Minister Tammam Salam had been unable to form a government since being appointed in April 2013 because of deep divisions between the Islamic Resistance Movement Hezbollah politicians and the political figures of his own alliance.

On Lebanese TV Salam said they had overcome their differences to form a cabinet in a 'spirit of inclusivity.'

"I extend my hand to all the leaders and I depend on their wisdom to achieve these goals and I call on them all to compromise for the sake of the state,ˈ the euronews quoted him as saying.

One of the most pressing issues for the new government to tackle will be national security, with violence spilling over from neighboring Syria.

Car bombs have been directed at security and political targets in the country, particularly in Hezbollah stronghold areas. The country is divided along the same sectarian lines as Syria.

The government will also need to deal with the influx of refugees from Syria, who now make up around a quarter of Lebanon's population.

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