Bahrain arrests 25 suspects of bomb attack

Photo: Bahrain arrests 25 suspects of bomb attack / Arab World

Bahrain has arrested 25 suspects in connection with Monday's bomb attack that killed three policemen, Xinhua reported.

A remotely detonated bomb exploded on Monday night in the Daih village, west of the capital Manama, killing three policemen including an Emirati officer.

Bahrain's Interior Ministry said that "these terror acts are premeditated murder and represent a lack of humanity." It announced that 25 suspects have so far been arrested.

The authorities are still investigating to identify any further suspects, suggesting foreign links behind the attack.

"We have announced publicly that foreign training sessions were organized and hosted at Iranian Revolutionary Guard camps that operated with official backing," the ministry said, adding that the explosives confiscated were from Iraq.

Bahrain has long accused its eastern neighbor of interference. Last month Bahrain accused Iran's leaders of inciting anti- government protests in the kingdom.

Bahrain's cabinet held an extraordinary meeting on Tuesday to discuss the violence in the Daih village.

The interior minister briefed the cabinet about the deadly blast, leading the cabinet to mandate the ministry to combat terrorism.

The cabinet also designated the February 14 Youth Coalition, Ashtar Brigades and Resistance Brigades, and any other groups related or allied with them, as terrorist groups, ordering their dissolution and arrest of their members.

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