Syria condemns Israeli attack on its territories

Photo: Syria condemns Israeli attack on its territories / Arab World

Syrian Foreign Ministry condemned Monday the recent Israeli attack against Syrian territories, labeling it as a "new flagrant violation" of the 1974 disengagement deal and the charters of the UN, Xinhua reported.

The ministry made the remarks in letters sent to the UN regarding the Israeli attack targeting Syrian posts in southern al- Qunaitera province on Sunday and Monday.

"This aggression comes in the framework of direct support the Israeli enemy is providing for the armed terrorist groups," said the ministry in a statement.

"Israel carried out a new aggression on sites inside the Syrian territories on Sunday and Monday, when they fired tank shells, mortar shells, rockets at posts of Syrian law enforcement forces which led to big damages to (Syrian troops') positions and equipments, leaving four people killed and nine injured," the ministry said.

The statement also pointed out that the Israeli air raids came in tandem with an attack by the armed rebels on government forces' positions in al-Qunaitera, noting that the rebel attack was thwarted.

The ministry urged the UN Security Council to shoulder its responsibility towards the "dangerous" Israeli aggressions, which "threaten the peace and security in the region and the world as a whole."

"Syria stresses again its demands to the Security Council to implement the resolutions... that entail Israel's withdrawal from all of the occupied Arab territories, including the occupied Golan, " the ministry concluded.

The Israeli attack was the latest in a series of other attacks that have targeted Syria over past three years. The Israelis alleged in previous times that their attacks were either firing at weapon convoys bounded for the Lebanese Hezbollah or striking back after mortar shells struck Israeli-occupied areas from the Syrian side.

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