Epic fail: French filmmakers use Azerbaijani fighter’s image for aid campaign poster for Armenia

Azerbaijan Materials 20 February 2023 20:36 (UTC +04:00)
Asif Mehman
Asif Mehman
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 20. Three washed up French film makers, serving the interests of Armenia, launched a fundraising campaign to make a movie about the Armenians, Trend reports.

These people of "art" declare that allegedly Armenia is in danger, and outline the utmost importance and urgency of doing such a film.

The funny thing is that the French, who stand up for the Armenians more than the Armenians themselves, in the heat of anti-Azerbaijani hysteria, used the photo of Azerbaijani artilleryman Vusal Shahkarimov for their aid campaign poster.

Participant of the second Karabakh war Shahkarimov rose to fame precisely after this photograph, became a favorite of the Azerbaijani public and one of the symbols of victory in the second Karabakh war.

Meanwhile, Armenian propaganda and its French “directors” have come up with nothing better than choosing a an Azerbaijani fighter's photograph for their campaign poster. It's hardly possible to surprise the Azerbaijanis with plagiarism or another falsification on the part of their neighbors, but the Armenians, to their credit, are trying very hard.

It's not immediately clear what was this supposed to be - falsification or plain stupidity. The question is rhetorical...