Knesset Commission on Foreign Affairs to Consider Recognition of Armenian Genocide – Israeli MPs

Politics Materials 1 April 2008 20:27 (UTC +04:00)

Israel, Jerusalem, 1 April / Trend corr. R.Abdullayev, E.Huseynov / The issue on recognition of Armenian genocide will be considered by the Israeli Knesset Commission on Foreign Affairs and Security. The decision was made during the commission meeting on 1 April, MP Iosif Shagal stated to Trend .

On 26 March, a decision was taken to empower the Knesset Commission to consider recognition of Armenian genocide during the meeting in Israeli Parliament. The issue was considered to be investigated by the Commission on Foreign Affairs and Security or by the Commission on Education.

Shagal, previously, proposed a necessity to consider the initiative within the framework of the Commission on Foreign Affairs and Security and was sure that his proposal was approved. "The issue was given for consideration to the Commission on Foreign affairs and Security, by 11 votes against two," Shagal said.

Consideration of the issue behind the closed or open doors, which has a great importance, has not been announced so far. "I will insist on holding discussions behind the closed doors. No strangers should be allowed to the meeting. The professionals sit in the Commission and they will 'close' the issue," Shagal said.

MP stated that the representatives of left radical Merez party, who stand for the recognition of Armenian genocide, demanded from the Commission to inspect the decision in compliance with the Charter of Knesset. The Israeli parliamentarians will go on holidays till 19 May and the issues may be considered only after the holidays. However, Shagal being a chairman of Israeli Azerbaijani inter-parliamentary friendship group is assured that the issue on recognition of Armenian genocide will be closed in Knesset after the holidays.

MP Zeev Elkin, chairman of Armenian-Israeli Inter-parliamentary friendship group, informed Trend that the issue regarding the choosing of a commission would be re-considered on 19 May. The issue has not been settled yet.

The issue on recognition of Armenian genocide was considered in Knesset in May 2007, but it failed.