Azerbaijani Opposition Leaders Consider Impossible Creation of Extended Coalition on Threshold of Presidential Elections

Politics Materials 8 August 2008 18:12 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 8 August / Trend corr. E.Babayev / Azerbaijani opposition parties, which refused from participation in the upcoming presidential elections, will fail to create an extended coalition.

"We will not participate in creation of the coalition as it carries a seasonal character. Participation or non-participation is an issue of tactics, but we cannot create a coalition on every tactics issue," MP Fazil Gazanfaroglu, the Chairman of the Great Establishment Party (GEP), told Trend .

Azerbaijan will host the presidential elections on 15 October. Two opposition parties (Popular Front and Citizen and Development) and one movement (National Unity), which are represented in the Azadlig bloc, as well as the Classical Popular Front Party made a decision to boycott the elections. Musavat, Citizen Solidarity, Democratic and Great Establishment parties refused from participation in the elections with their own candidates.

So far, only Azadlig bloc and Musavat party have made positive statements regarding establishment of extended coalition.

Gazanfaroglu said that coalition has its own principles, organization is created according to these principles and certain program is developed. "There is not a notion that we will not go to the elections, and lets create a coalition. Participation or non-participation is an internal affair of every party. What is the reason to create any organization? In common, I consider unreal establishment of such a coalition," Gazanfaroglu said.

Mirmahmud Miralioglu, the Chairman of the Classical Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan, told Trend that the issue on establishment of coalition has been considered only by media.

"We have made a decision. Under this decision, even the cooperation with the parties, which will not participate in the elections, is considered as a positive factor. We want the coalition to be established," Miralioglu said.

There is no need to create a coalition in a hurry, Sardar Jalaloglu, the Chairman of the Azerbaijani Democratic Party (ADP), told Trend on 8 August. "At present, the situation is emotional. A new situation aroused after most opposition parties made decisions. Reaction of the international organization is not still known completely. From this point of view, I consider incorrect to organize any unification, because we do not know what will happen after the elections in Azerbaijan," Jalaloglu said and noted the necessity to weigh up all issues from this point of view. "Talks are not being held with our party in connection with formation of the coalition and we do not intend to make any initiative on this matter. If other parties will make initiative on this matter, we will hold a waiting position," Jalaloglu said.

It is too late to create any opposition coalition, Akif Shahbazov, the Chairman of the Open Society Party (OSP), told Trend on 8 August. "The coalition should have been formed in time for joint participation in the elections and struggle should have been determined in this direction. If any coalition is formed now, it will be meaningless. The coalition can be fruitful when it has opportunity to influence on society," Shahbazov said and noted that first, the opposition leaders should analyze their mistakes for creation a real coalition. "Creation of the coalition by people, who have lost the elections, is meaningless," Shahbazov said and stressed that if such coalition was formed, the OSP would not join it.

On 8 August, MP Sabir Rustamkhanli, the Chairman of the Civil Solidarity Party (CSP) told Trend that he has pessimistic attitude to the idea to create the opposition coalition. "Parties, which support creation of the coalition, assemble and break up two or three times a year. When they unify, they will become brothers, and when break up, they will become enemies and insult one-another at the media. Therefore, at present the opposition is in such pitiful state, because people's trust in opposition is reduced. Therefore, I consider the unification of such unserious people incorrect, and do not foresee any results of it," Rustamkhanli said.

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