France to Constrain Russia to Carry out All Six Items of Agreement

Politics Materials 20 August 2008 12:31 (UTC +04:00)

Georgia, Tbilisi, 20 August / Trend corr. N.Kirtskhalia / France disappointed that Russia did not carry out its obligations and despite of much promise, it was not seen any signs to begin withdrawal of the Russian troops from Georgia. Regardless of this action, the European Union (EU) will continue to force Russia to carry out all six items of the agreement. I demand it, Bernard Kouchner, the French Foreign Minister, stated at the end of the meeting of the Council of NATO Foreign Ministers held in Brussels.

This meeting was fully dedicated to examine problems, Kouchner said. "Perhaps, we have to force Russia to carry out the agreement from both sides, including NATO and the EU," he stated.

Despite of the statement that the Russian troops will leave Georgia, their movement from the current stationing points is not seen, the French Foreign Minister stressed. On 18 August, they said that the process would begin and it would not concern all columns. I am not sure that the Russian troops are leaving Georgia," Kouchner said.

Kouchner also said that on 19 August the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, as initiator of the agreement, planned to talk with the Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev. "Despite this, many suspicions arouse and I hope that they will not come true. We initiated to adopt the agreement and interested in making a concrete decision," Kouchner stated.

The French Minister also stated that the EU format will be used as a pressure mechanism on Russia in order 27 countries to express their positions. He said that the format of head of states may b used, as well.

"We will not accept six-item agreement to remain undercharged," Kouchner said.