America not Limited with Israel for Deployment of Missile Defense System: Experts

Politics Materials 13 September 2008 11:32 (UTC +04:00)
America not Limited with   Israel for Deployment of Missile Defense System: Experts

Azerbaijan, Baku, 12 September /corr. Trend E.Tariverdiyeva, A.Gut / The next point in the network of the American anti-missile defense system in Europe will, possibly, become Israel, and this is not the last point, which is of interest for the USA as the place of its systems in Europe, experts consider.

"It is no secret that the Americans have large obligations before Israel in the plan of protection from Iran, and in future, it is impossible to exclude that Washington will not limit only with the development of the radar," Israeli politician, Mikhail Klyayner, told Trend .

At the session on Wednesday, the Senate of the USA voted for the arrangement of its missile defence system in one of the European Countries, allocating $89mln for it.

Today, the USA has already signed agreements with the Government of the Czech Republic regarding placement of missile defence system in the Czech territory, and with the Government of Poland regarding deployment of 10 missiles of Patriot class in its territory.

In their speeches the senators did not name the country, in which they are going to place the system, but the described type of the radar of anti-missile defense AN/TPY-2 has already been called earlier as part of the military equipment for the deliveries to Israel.

"Most probable answer to the question where the Americans will place the anti-missile defense is Israel," American expert on security Yannis Stivachtis said. After his meeting in Washington with the Vice President Dick Cheney, the Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak that "In just a few months Israel will be stronger and better prepared in its defences against long-range missiles. The key ally of the USA in Middle East is traditionally considered exactly Iraq. According to the Leader of Israeli Kherut Party, Klyayner, Israel is a strategic ally of the USA in Middle East. "Any strategic threat to Israel is accepted by American establishment as its own," he said.Observers do not exclude that the military co-operation of the USA and Israel will not limit with the placement of radar.

"The radar in Israel can be only the beginning of development of the American anti-missile defense systems in the country," Russian military expert Pavel Felgengauer told said Trend by telephone from Moscow. However, some experts consider that not all are unanimous with the installation of American anti-missile defense system in Israel.

However, the European expert on security B. Kviatek - Simanska is not sure that the next country for the placement of the U.S. anti-missile defense system will be Israel.

"I would not dare to identify a particular country, which will play a role in the global Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS), and I doubt whether this can be Israel," Kviatek - Simanska, Assistant Professor International Relations of University of Groningen, told Trend via e-mail from the Netherlands.

She does not think the radar may be placed in one of Caucus countries. According to her, in fact, country's participation in BMD system requires not only an agreement among politicians, but also the support from country's population.

If Israeli population disapproves, in such circumstances a possible solution would be a sea-based radar, the expert said. For example, one large BMDS radar is already deployed on a modified floating oil platform, and 18 American ships have been equipped with Aegis defense systems.

Some experts consider that other European countries stay in turn for the placement of the anti-missile defense system. Radar, most likely, will appear not in Israel, but in Japan, the old potential ally of the USA, Echo of Moscow reported with the reference to the Russian Defense Ministry.

"Formerly the USA already placed in Japan a number of elements of the anti-missile defense system, but this the interceptors of the intermediate-ranges missile because Japan fears the missile threat from People's Democratic Republic of Korea," Felgengauer said.According to him, one more strategic point of deployment can be developed in Great Britain, where radar has already been placed. According to Felgengauer, the system can be added and fastened in the course of time.

Other region of possible appearance of elements of American anti-missile defense system is Baltic states. In May of the last year Lithuania stated about readiness to follow the example of the Czech Republic and Poland. The Pentagon gave to understand after long failures in the talks with Poland that it will consider Lithuania as worthy alternative to Poland.

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