Ukrainian Speaker’s Resignation is Point of Honour and Political Move

Politics Materials 17 September 2008 18:15 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 17 September / Trend corr. R.Tariverdiyeva, Z.Novosvitskiy /The resignation by the Speaker of the Supreme Rada, Arseniy Yatsenuk, is not only an accomplishment of the coalition agreement, but a political move, which enables him to start political career.

"As for Yatsenuk the resignation first off all was the point of honor and political move," Kost Bondarenko, Director of the Kiev Instituteof Management Problems named after Gorsheininn, told Trend .

Yatsenuk resigned on 17 September sequent of the coalition agreement, which was signed between the Our Ukraine party (Our Ukraine- Peoples' Self-Defence group) and Yuliya Timoshnko bloc in October 2007. The coalition stopped functioning in early of this week due to the Our Ukraine- Peoples' Self-Defence group left it. Party left the coalition protesting Yuliya Timoshnko bloc and opposition Region Party voted for the legislation restricting President's power.

While the coalition said about collapse on 16 September, Yatsenuk stated that would head the Parliament.

However, today, Yatsenuk changed his decision.

"I came to the office under democratic values and democratic ideas. One should come to office with honour and leave it in the similar way," Yatsenuk said at the parliamentary session.

According to politicians, the decision to resign was timely and dictated by Yatsenuk's will to start his own political career.

Speaker's decision to resign is the first step to political career, Vladimir Litvin, Leader of the Litvin bloc, said. This was informed by the Ukrainian UNIAN news agency.  

"Yatsenuk made a statement to participate in further political companies. I think that Yatsenuk took the right step from political point of view," said Litvin.

Alexander Dergachev, Russian independent political scientist, said that the decision by Yatsenuk was expected because of his position was becoming "change" in negotiations to form a new coalition in Parliament, Reuters reported.

In the case of emerging of a new coalition with Timoshenko's bloc and the Party of Regions, Regions will need speaker's position and Litvin in the case of emerging of the coalition with the Litvin bloc. Yatsenuk is a change and therefore, he decided to take this step," Dergachev said.

Under the agreement between the Our Ukraine party and Yuliya Timoshnko bloc in 2007, Speaker and Prime Minister resign in the case of collapse of the coalition. However, experts doubt that Timoshenko will follow Yatsenuk's step.

Speaker fulfilled his promise, Bondarenko said, now we expect the same step from the Prime Minister. However, Timoshenko said in her yesterday's statement that the administration should work and therefore, she seems does not want to fulfill the coalition agreement.

The coalition agreement, which was signed in 2007, is a gentleman's agreement rather than a juridical document. Therefore, Timoshenko's resignation is not compulsory from the juridical point of view.

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