Solution to Iranian Nuclear Problem or Beating about the Bush: Trend News Commentator

Politics Materials 8 October 2008 17:56 (UTC +04:00)

Darina Ibrahimova, Commentator of Trend Persian Desk

Negotiation process between Iran and the world community reminds beating about the bush and statements, which look like to one another, creates effect of déjà vu.

The credibility of data, which was obtained in 2005 from the Iranian diplomatїs notebook on Iranїs development of nuclear weapons and serve as basis for most accusations by the United States, is still questionable.

Yet Iran seeks to concretize origin of these documents. The General Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), denied presence of evidences of authenticity of these documents at his last statement, Ali Askar Sultaniye, the Iranian Ambassador to the IAEA said in his interview with Trend .

It seems that the United States does not have any reliable data. In this case, the source, on which the United States bases about presence of nuclear weapon or holding developments on its creation in Iran, is unknown.

The only thing is known that these documents are based on accusations and the world community with a sinking heart follows developments happening around Iran because of these accusations.

According to Sultaniye, the IAEA did not submit documents to Iran for getting familiarization because of the United Statesї demand.

їThe West fears that Iran can use the submitted documents to produce a nuclear weapon, Sultaniye said. If they state that the documents have been obtained from Iran, then the documents could be copied.ї

The documents were submitted to Iran, which could not respond to disputable issues, Gregory Schulte, the US Ambassador to IAEA, said in his interview with Trend.

їIran resists and does not clarify military aspects of its nuclear program,ї Ambassador Schulte said.

According to diplomats, who present both sides of issue, there is not any common ground. It is not surprising that so far, the sides cannot reach consensus on nuclear problem. Each of them has own truth or, on the contrary, own untruth.

However that may be, the Iranian nuclear issue remains open and still worries the whole world. All are interested what stage of development the program is in and opportunities of Iran to get nuclear weapon. In his situation, only Iran continues imperturbably stating that it has not any problem in this respect.

Finally, the process of solution of the nuclear issue reminds beating about the bush, where everybody plays its own role, which inevitably leads to the repeated response reaction.

Statements on meetings of the IAEA and the United Nations (UN), meetings, adoption of resolutions with sanctions or without them ї all of these developments replace one another as pictures in kaleidoscope. The only exception is that pictures in kaleidoscope are formed from colorful glasses, while the picture of the Iranian nuclear problem is monochromatic.

Hardly had two weeks past since the latest UN Resolution was accepted, which did not envisage sanction at Russiaїs  request, how Bernard Kushner, French Foreign Minister informed of the next meeting of the UN Security Council on 26 November. Nobody knows the result of the next meeting of the UN Security Council. It is likely the doubts on positive solution of the problem have been increasing.

Even the NATO Secretary General states openly that he doubts whether the UN can reach common conclusions regarding sanctions on Iran. їI do not think that the world is capable to prevent Iran from implementing of its claims,ї said Secretary General at the conference on the world policy in France, RIA Novosti reported.

Iran has claims to implement its nuclear program and is not about to give them up. It is very difficult to make one to refuse its claims, but it is more difficult to make a country like Iran to refuse its claims. It is becoming practically impossible, as nobody can prove nuclear programїs anti right character. Iran goes on stating about peace purpose of its program, and the world community still cannot find evidence of military purpose of the program.  

Europe, the US and UN Security Council may draw plans, accept thousands of resolutions and think that they conduct the situation. Solution of the problem, irritating the whole West, does not depend on the West. Actually, everything depends on the willingness and unwillingness of Iran to develop its program and its readiness to cooperate ї or not cooperate. Iran is the one country, which does not have problem named nuclear program. The main interested sides are Europe and the United States. They have to stop their nuclear program more than Iran and therefore, it is not the West which holds the situation.

Europe itself is ready to deliver reduced-enrichment uranium to Iran to cut down its exploration and use what the West will give. The discussions regarding establishment of reduced-enrichment uranium bank attached to the IAEA have been held for several years, and the plan has never reached solution like now.

At such a situation the talks on the possible attack on Iran, if it will not give up its nuclear program, looks unconvincingly. The United States is occupied with the presidential elections, solution of the financial crisis, and sticks in Iraq and Afghanistan so long and desperately that first they need to settle this situation and then think about military operations.

They need thinking faster, as anti missile settings will be set up around each nuclear object in Iran, which make it difficult to attack on the objects, according to the expert Robert Friedman, to September 2009.

World does not need a new war. However, nuclear weapon seeking in Iran remind the situation in Iraq, where the attempts to find bacteriological weapons have failed and damaged the economy and led to numerous victims amongst the military contingent of the United States and population in Iraq.

There are hopes that the developments in Iran will not be so dramatic.

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