Incentives for Development of Various Political Processes in Azerbaijan: TrendNews Commentator

Politics Materials 29 October 2008 11:20 (UTC +04:00)
Incentives for Development of Various Political Processes in   Azerbaijan: TrendNews Commentator

Azer Huseynbala, political commentator of Trend

Leaders of the opposition parties, which participated in the presidential election of Azerbaijan with own candidates, failed it. Even none of them could gain more than 3% of votes. Therefore, they have to return the amount, which was allocated from the public budget for election campaign. However, participation of these political movements in the elections created a new spirit in political life of Azerbaijan. It became known that participation of opposition forces in an election struggle is possible without demonstration of a radical position and every candidate can freely introduce his platform.

The opposition congratulated Ilham Aliyev, a candidate of the ruling party, on his re-election immediately after the election ended and this event was the first step in the history of independent Azerbaijan. Ilham Aliyev, in his turn, answered his opponent's movee. Thus, Ilham Aliyev expressed his gratitude to his opponents at the inauguration ceremony. This fact marks the beginning of new and more civilized relations between opposition and the authorities in Azerbaijan.

At present, Azerbaijan does not experience unrest, which took place after 15 October in 2003. The opposition presidential candidates revealed some violation facts on the Election Day, whilst they believe that they will not influence the final results. It means that new favorable conditions will be created to expand opportunities of the opposition's activity in the presidential elections.

Statement of the authorities after the elections, which was addressed to the opposition forces participating in the elections with own candidates, encourages development of different political processes in Azerbaijan within next five years. However, strengthening relations on new basis and in a civil order will not depend only on the authorities.

In fact, the forces who nominated their candidates for presidency appeared to have a real opportunity to turn to more perfect power after 15 October presidential election. The possibility of uniting Umid party which second to ruling party in the election, Great Establishment, Popular Front of Unified Azerbaijan and newly-founded Aydinlar party is under discussions.

Chief of Umid Party Igbal Agazade is not going to take part in this process. Fazil Gazanfaroglu, Gudrat Hasanguluyev and Gulamhuseyn Alibayli say it is possible to hold discussions on this issue.

Given the similarity of ideologies of these three political parties, even their unification is possible. Undoubtedly, one of the major reasons behind the failure of these candidates to win sufficient number of vote is their poor organization and small authority in the society. During election campaign, they announced their platforms both to media and voters.

Unlike opposition parties boycotting election, new tactics of candidates meeting realities of modern times will show itself soon in the upcoming municipal and parliamentary elections. If new opposition forces unite to consolidate successful political moves, they will achieve greater results. We did not mention chances of more successful joint political activity of Great Establishment, Popular Front Party of Unified Azerbaijan and Aydinlar party in vain. Chiefs of these political parties once were members of the same party - Popular Front Party. They can unite once again as they quitted it once. In this case, stronger political party is expected to be set up.

Even the authorities are interested in existence of a stronger opposition force preferring the path of struggle within the civil rules. Such opposition can win more sits in the 2010 parliamentary election and set up a faction in the legislative body. In any case, opposition that took part in presidential election, have pretty good chances to unite and turn to more realistic political movement. The time will show how former presidential contenders will benefit from this opportunity.

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