Weekly political digest (10.11- 15.11.2008)

Official chronicle

On 10 November, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev received Vice-Speaker of the Estonian Parliament Kristiina Ojuland.

Ojuland said that the 14th Azerbaijani international exhibition Telecommunications & Informational Technologies BakuTel-2008 is of great interest for her country and Estonia would be represented.

President Aliyev emphasized that the exhibition would provide good opportunities to get familiar with the work carried out in that field.

On 10 November Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev received Lutfizade, a world-known Azerbaijani scientist, who visited our country to participate in Bakutel-2008 14th Azerbaijan international telecommunication and information technology exhibition.

Lutfizade said that he was pleased with his Baku visit and meeting with Ilham Aliyev. The scientist, who visited Baku in 1965 for the first time, said that this visit produced great impressions on him.

" Azerbaijan has changed very much since 1965. Besides great restoration and construction work in Baku, development of science and culture is at the highest level, as well," Lutfizade stressed. The scientist assessed all these achievements as a result of Ilham Aliyev's care for science and culture.

At present Azerbaijan targets to develop different fields of science, education and culture, as well as to apply the most contemporary technologies by using current opportunities," Head of State said.

According to the President, at present major priority for the country is to develop non-oil sector. Azerbaijan closely cooperates with leading companies of the world and our country has great opportunities to become centre of the region in the field in future, Head of State stressed, speaking about importance of Bakutel-2008 14th Bakutel-2008 14th Azerbaijan international telecommunication and information technology exhibition.

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev issued a decree to take measures related to perspective development of the Baku Subway.

The decree envisages to develop a 'State Program for 20 years Development of Baku Subway' project on the ground of proposals made by corresponding bodies of the Cabinet of Ministers, taken into consideration the current and perspective expansion of living areas of population in Baku, number and directions that is used by passengers within six months and to submit it to the President. .

In preparing of the State Program the corresponding measures should be interconnected with other means of public transport (bus, train), taken into account the General Plan of Baku. Using an existing international experience, a new General Scheme of Baku Metro should be drawn. This should cover the proposals to improve the subway, security, the necessity to carry out reconstruction and recovery, as well as to improve the logistics in Baku Subway on the ground of analysis and survey of technical provisions which are currently operated metro network

Under the decree, AZN 2mln will be allocated to the Baku Subway with a goal to develop the State Program from the Reserve Found of President of Azerbaijan for 2008.

The President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has sent a message of congratulations to his Polish counterpart Lech Kaczynski on Poland's Independence Day.

"On my behalf and on behalf of Azeri people, I warmly congratulate You, also the entire Polish people on the national holiday - Independence Day. Today, Azerbaijan-Poland relations are experiencing dynamic progress. With our intensive joint work especially with respect to energy security issues, our ever-expanding political dialogue and fruitful cooperation in a number of areas are now being filled with new content. I am hopeful that our joint efforts towards deepening of our bilateral relations will also serve strengthening of our partnership within international structures and in the framework of regional projects," President Ilham Aliyev said in the message.

The Azerbaijani leader extended best wishes to President Lech Kaczynski and peace and progress to the friendly people of Poland.

On November 11, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev received U.S. Senator Bob Corker.

The US Senator offered his congratulations to President Ilham Aliyev on his re-election. He also praised Azerbaijan's contribution to anti-terror war in Afghanistan and Iran.

President Ilham thanked the US Senator for his congratulations. He stressed the importance of the Azerbaijan-US cooperation, saying it covers a wide range of spheres.

The Constitution Day is marked in Azerbaijan.

The Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan adopted in 1995 was the first Constitution of the independent Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan Democratic Republic existed for 23 months during 1918-1920 did not have the main Law of the state. The history of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic mainly dates from the period when Azerbaijan was the Soviet Republic.

The first Constitution of Azerbaijan adopted on the 19th of May, 1921 at the All-Azerbaijan Soviets Congress. New variant of the Constitution of Azerbaijan SSR fitted to the Constitution of the USSR of 1921, adopted at the 4th All-Azerbaijan Soviets Congress in the 14th of March, 1925.The final Constitution of Azerbaijan SSR adopted on the 21st of April 1978, was fitted to the Constitution of the USSR alike the previous.

After Azerbaijan got its independence appeared necessity to work out new Constitution. A commission headed by Heydar Aliyev established with this purpose. The project of the Constitution presented to the referendum. The first Constitution of the independent Azerbaijan adopted with the referendum on the 12th of November, 1995.

The first Constitution of the independent Azerbaijan put the basis of the state establishment of the Republic of Azerbaijan. New Constitution of Azerbaijan is composed of 5 parts, 12 chapters and 158 articles.

Beginning from that day we celebrate November 12 as the Day of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

On 12 November, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev received world-known surgeon, prominent scientist and public figure Dr. Javad Heyat.

Dr. Javad Heyat said he was proud of witnessing successful development processes ongoing in Azerbaijan.

President Ilham Aliyev highly praised Dr. Heyat's achievements in various fields, and wished him every success in his future activities.

On 12 November, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev decreed on implementation of the Law on Natural Therapeutic Reserves, Health-improving Places and Resorts.

Under the decree, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources shall undertake the powers of "adequate bodies of executive power" in the field of preservation of natural therapeutic reserves stipulated in Article 6 of the Law on Natural Therapeutic Reserves, Health-improving Places and Resorts of the Azerbaijan Republic, Ministry of Health shall undertake the powers of studying, utilizing and developing the natural therapeutic reserves, health-improving places and resorts; Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources shall undertake the powers of "adequate bodies of executive power" in the field of preservation of natural therapeutic reserves stipulated in

Article 9.4 of the Law, Ministry of Health shall undertake the powers of applying and utilizing therapeutic reserves.

Ministry of Health shall undertake the powers of "adequate bodies of executive power" stipulated in Article 14.5 of the Law. Item 8.29 shall be added to the "Provision on Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan", which was approved by Decree 413 of the Azerbaijani President dated 25 May 2006. Item 8.29 has the following content "to make state registration of resort fund, to implement state expertise of revealed natural therapeutic reserves". Item 8.29 shall be considered to be Item 8.30.

On 12 November, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree to ratify the documents that were signed between Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan in Baku on 11 September 2008.

The decree ratified the Agreement on Cooperation in Preservation of Environment between the Azerbaijani Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and the State Committee for Nature Protection of Uzbekistan; Agreement on ICT Cooperation between the Azerbaijani Ministry of Communications & IT and Uzbekistan Communication & Information Agency; Agreement on Cooperation between the Chambers of Trade and Industry of Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. Azerbaijani Cabinet of Ministers and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have been charged to fulfil required arrangements for implementation of the documents.

On 12 November, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev ratified the Declaration on Friendship and Strategic Partnership between Azerbaijan and Russian Federation that was signed in Baku on 3 July.

On 12 November, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree to ratify the Agreement on Cooperation in Health and Medical Sciences between the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan Republic and the Ministry of Health of Belarus Republic, which was signed in Baku on 31 July.

Under the decree, Azerbaijani Ministry of Health was charged with implementation of the agreement.

Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry was charged to inform Belarus of fulfilment of domestic procedures that are required to make the agreement take force.

On 12 November, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev ratified the Agreement on lifting of visa system from the citizens possessing diplomatic and official/service passports, that was signed between the Government of the Azerbaijan Republic and the Government of the Korean Republic in Baku on 19 May 2008.

On 12 November, Azerbaijani President signed a decree to ratify the Memorandum on Understanding and Cooperation on implementation of the youth development project of the Azerbaijani Youth and Sports Ministry and the U.S. Peace Corps, that was signed in Baku on 6 September 2007.

Under the decree, Azerbaijani Ministry of Youth and Sports was charged to implement the MOU, Ministry of Foreign Affairs was charged to inform the United States of implementation of the domestic procedures that are required to make the MOU take force.

On 12 November, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev ratified the Bill on Azerbaijan's Joining the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Under the decree, Azerbaijan joins the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities that was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 13 December 2006.

The Bill shall take force on the day of signing.

The President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev signed an order on introduction of 2 October 2008 Law of the Azerbaijan Republic on changes to the laws of the Azerbaijan Republic on governance of the municipal lands, on 2008 Public budget of the Azerbaijan Republic and the list of the municipalities of the Azerbaijan Republic, added to the Law of Azerbaijan republic on territories and lands of municipalities.

In order to ensure implementation of the Law, within a month the Cabinet of Ministers is in charge of preparing and submitting to the President of Azerbaijan the proposals on bringing the acting legislative organs into conformity with the Law; bringing the normative-legal acts of the organs of the Cabinet of Ministers and relevant central executive powers of Azerbaijan into conformity with the Law and notify the Head of State of it; solving other questions arising from the Law within its authorities.

The Law takes effect from the day of signing.

The President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev approved the agreement between Azerbaijan and Indonesia on exempting citizens possessing diplomatic and service passports from the visa regime, which was signed on 19 May 2008 in Baku.

The document comes into force from the day of signing.

On November 13, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev received OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs Bernard Fassier (France), Yuri Merzlyakov ( Russia), Matthew Bryza (US) and Special Envoy of the OSCE Chairman-In-Office Andrzej Kasprzyk.

The discussions focused on the current situation of and prospects for the talks related to the settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh.

On 13 November, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev ratified the Declaration on Friendship and Strategic Cooperation between Azerbaijan and Ukraine, that was signed in Kiev on 22 May. The Bill shall take force on the day of issuing.

On 13 November, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev ratified the Charter of the Presidential Council of Azerbaijan and Ukraine, that was signed in Kiev on 22 May. The Bill shall take force on the day of issuing.

On 13 November, the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev received the President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus.

President Adamkus thanked the Azerbaijani leader Ilham Aliyev for the warm hospitality shown to him and his accompanying delegation. He described bilateral relations between the two countries as moving forward successfully. The Head of the Lithuanian state pointed out the importance of the Baku energy summit saying it is a very good example of multilateral economic cooperation. President Adamkus also mentioned the significance of the Azerbaijan-initiated large-scale energy projects, which, according to him, have considerably enhanced the country's prestige in the international arena. He expressed confidence that Azerbaijan-European Union cooperation will also be fruitful and mutually beneficial.

President Ilham Aliyev, in turn, expressed his satisfaction with Azerbaijan- Lithuania relations, which he said are rapidly expanding in various fields, and pointed out their importance in the Azerbaijan-European Union format.

On 13 November, the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, received the President of Turkey, Abdullah Gul.

During the meeting was mentioned the dynamic development of the relations between the two friendly and fraternal countries. President Gul said that Ilham Aliyev's recent official visit to Turkey took place at the highest level and will make a contribution to the expansion of relations between the two countries.

Touching upon the importance of the energy summit being organized in Baku, the Presidents mentioned the significance of the close co-operation of the two countries in global energy projects. The meeting also focused on the bilateral relations, regional and international issues.

On November 13, a new office building of the Lithuanian Embassy in Baku was inaugurated with participation of Lithuania`s President Valdas Adamkus. Azerbaijani officials and parliament members attended the opening ceremony.

Addressing the ceremony, President Adamkus said opening of an office building of the Embassy in Baku, which, he stressed, greatly contributed to developing the world`s oil industry, was his long lasting desire.

The Lithuanian president noted he has eye-witnessed Azerbaijan`s rapid progress during his current visit.

He also said relationship between the two countries is successfully developing in all fields.

Touching upon regional problems, Valdas Adamkus said Lithuania supports peaceful resolution of Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict within Azerbaijan`s territorial integrity and sovereignty


Vice-speaker of Azerbaijan Parliament Valeh Alasgarov said participation of President Adamkus in the ceremony demonstrates how much importance this country attaches to relationship with Azerbaijan.

President of Poland Lech Kaczynski arrived Thursday in Azerbaijan for a working visit to attend the Baku Energy summit. Lech Kaczynski was welcomed here by Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov and other Azerbaijani officials.

On November 14, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev received Prime Minister of Hungary Ferenc Gyurcsany.

Both President Aliyev and Premier Gyurcsany expressed satisfaction with expanding relations between Azerbaijan and Hungary, and mentioned the role of high-level mutual visits in strengthening ties between the two countries. They especially stressed the importance of the Baku Energy Summit for enhancement of international cooperation in this field, and expressed confidence in expansion of bilateral relations between the countries.

Energy projects realized in Azerbaijan open large opportunities for cooperation, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said at the 4th Energy Summit in Baku on November 14.

"After realization of energy projects Azerbaijan ensured its energy security, economic stability and strengthened its independence and independent policy," Ilham Aliyev said.

The Summit will focus on energy security and transportation routes of energy resources. "We are seriously discussing Odessa-Brodi oil and gas project. This project has a good potential," Azerbaijani President added.

"The feasibility study of Odessa-Brodi project will be fully worked out by the end of the year. The project will enhance regional cooperation," Ilham Aliyev said.

"We hope that the policy of energy cooperation will lead to friendship between our countries. The declaration that we plan to adopt will reflect all our plans," President said.

"Today all energy issues of Azerbaijan have been solved. Azerbaijan thinks about how to meet demands of other countries," President said.

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili said in Baku in Energy Summit that Russian forces attacked the pipelines transporting oil and gas via Georgia in August.

"As a result of the conflict, bridges were destroyed and ports stopped work. This was a message to those who want to transport energy resources through this route. This is unacceptable," Saakashvili said in the 4th Energy Summit in Baku.

Saakashvili said Tbilisi does not oppose projects on transport of Russian gas to Europe. "However, Georgia announces that monopolism in this process is unacceptable," Saakashvili said.

"We should continue cooperation to ensure energy security of Europe. It concerns Odessa-Brodi, White Stream and Nabucco projects," Saakashvili said.

"Designing of the feasibility study for the Odessa-Brody project will be completed in December," Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said at the 4th energy summit in Baku on 14 November.

According to Yushchenko, more precise work over the project will commence since 2009.

The Sarmatia international group will restore its work over the Odessa-Brody project since January 2009 in order to "determine the security and price formation", he said.

The Odessa-Brody pipeline, with the length of 667km and cost of $200mln, was constructed in 2001.

"Europe's steps to ensure energy security must be more efficient and rapid," Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus said at the 4th energy summit in Baku on 14 November.

"Energy security issues require immediate actions, therefore, very important rather than very big steps must be taken," said Adamkus.

According to the Lithuanian President, a European Union Special Representative should be appointed to take part in designing of the initiative on implementation of the Odessa-Brody project.

"Such gas pipeline projects as Nabucco and Turkey-Greece-Italy are more economically efficient to ensure Europe's energy security than others [projects]," said Adamkus.

" Azerbaijan is important for this process and is a strategic partner," he said.

Those pipelines may be filled by the Caspian and Iraqi gas, he said.

"That will reduce the influence of other suppliers," Lithuanian President said.

" Turkey has invested about $3bln in realization of projects on energy resources transportation from the Caspian region," Turkish President Abdullah Gul said at the 4th energy summit in Baku on 14 November.

" Turkey continues cooperation within the framework of development and realization of projects, such as Nabucco and TGI," Gul said.

The Turkish President expressed his hope that the Caspian oil, particularly, Turkmen oil, will be transported via these routes.

" Turkey continues cooperation with Iraq in delivery of energy resources and the Northern African countries, including Algeria and Egypt," Gul said.

According to Gul, issues on gas transportation to the European markets are discussed with these countries.

"It is necessary to pay special attention to ecology and social issues while realization of energy projects. Turkey s seriously interested in projects, which reduce use of the Turkish straits," Gul said.

"The Caspian region and mainly Azerbaijan is a basis to ensure energy projects such as Nabucco, Odessa-Brodi and TGI," President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said in his closing speech in the 4th Energy Summit in Baku on November 14.

"There are huge resources to ensure these projects, but they will be of high demand in future," Ilham Aliyev said.

"Diversification of energy resources delivery is important for all sides," the Azerbaijani President said.

"It is important for suppliers, transit countries and consumer. They all depend on each-other," Ilham Aliyev said.

A declaration on the results of the 4th energy security summit was passed in Baku On 14 November.

Summing up at the end of the summit, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said that joining this document by nine member countries of the EU and European Commission is of great importance. According to him, that is very important for the Caspian Sea littoral countries and the Caucasus region.

Ilham Aliyev thanked the participants of the summit and said that further activities would be continued in the spirit of cooperation, and that will enable achievement of all targets.

The first energy summit took place in Poland's Krakow city in May 2006, the second in Lithuanian capital city Vilnius in November 2007, and the third in Kiev in May 2008.

On 14 November, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev met with Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili.

During the meeting, the two leaders expressed satisfaction at the expansion of bilateral relations between the two countries.

Touching upon the Baku Energy summit, the Presidents noted its importance in terms of cooperation both in the bilateral and international format.

On 14 November President of Azerbaijan also met with his Polish counterpart Lech Kaczynski.

Both presidents expressed satisfaction with the level of development of Azerbaijan-Poland relations in a wide range of fields.

The two leaders stressed the importance of reciprocal visits in strengthening the bilateral relations.

Touching on the Baku Energy summit, the Presidents noted its importance in terms of expanding international energy cooperation.


Azerbaijani standing parliamentary commission on security and defence ratified the Bill to withdraw Azerbaijani peacekeepers from Iraq.

"Azerbaijani peacekeepers were sent to Iraq in 2003 to serve there for 5 years. The period will expire in December this year," Ziyafat Asgarov, First Vice-Speaker of the standing parliamentary commission on security and defence, said at a meeting on 10 November.

There are 150 servicemen of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces operating in Iraq within the multinational forces.

There are 45 Azerbaijani peacekeepers operating in Afghanistan within the International Security Assistance Force. They patrol Kabul. Last month the Parliament passed an act to double the number of the peacekeepers in Afghanistan to 90.

On 4 March, Azerbaijani Parliament decided to withdraw 34 Azerbaijani peacekeepers from Kosovo due to the political situation which emerged in Kosovo after it separated from Serbia and proclaimed its one-sided independence.

President Ilham Aliyev submitted a Bill to the Parliament to withdraw the peacekeepers from Iraq, said Asgarov.

"There is no political motive. I think the Parliament will support the initiative to withdraw the Azerbaijani peacekeepers from Iraq," he said.

The commission supported the bill and recommended it for parliamentary consideration.

Azerbaijan will join International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism with a special clause.

"Official Baku does not guarantee introduction of this convention in the territories occupied by Armenia and does not responsible for situation in these territories," MP Zahid Oruj, member of the Security and Defense Commission of the parliament said to Trend .

Security and Defense Commission of the parliament of Azerbaijan's considered joining International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism on 10 November.

The conflict between the two countries of the South Caucasus began in 1988 due to Armenian territorial claims against Azerbaijan. Since 1992, Armenian Armed Forces have occupied 20% of Azerbaijan including the Nagorno-Karabakh region and its seven surrounding districts. In 1994, Azerbaijan and Armenia signed a ceasefire agreement at which time the active hostilities ended. The Co-Chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group ( Russia, France, and the US) are currently holding peaceful negotiations.

MPs said nuclear and radioactive wastes, wastes of Metsamur nuclear power station as well are buried in Azerbaijani lands occupied by Armenia and these territories pose a danger for life. "Therefore while joining this convention Azerbaijan should raise these issues and make efforts to include them to the document".

Oruj said Convention reflects commitments undertaken by various countries to fight against dissemination of nuclear elements and materials. "It is very important document and is of great significance for Azerbaijan".

The commission adopted the draft of the bill and recommended to bring it up to the discussion of the parliament.

The ruling New Azerbaijan Party (NAP) raised an issue on financing of political parties from the public budget at a meeting of the parliament.

"Means should be allocated from the public budget to finance political parties and this issue should be included at the budget," MP Siyavush Novruzov, the deputy executive secretary of the NAP, said.

A total of 52 parties have been registered at the Justice Ministry. The Law on Political Parties was adopted in 1992. The law, which will be adopted after serious changes, will include financing of political parties from the public budget.

The opposition politicians offer financing of the registered political parties from the public budget. The Azerbaijani authorities offer to take into consideration the participation of parties in the parliamentary elections and votes gained while allocation of the public budget assignments.

"Financing of political parties from the public budget has several reasons. Financing of political parties, which are main attributes of political system, from the public budget is largely spread all over the world. Former Soviet countries have begun this process. We should implement it, as well," he said.

Some Azerbaijani parties appeal for money to different embassies and international organizations, Novruzov said.

"Such parties are obliged to work for organizations, where they get finance. Therefore, this issue should be solved at expense of the budget. Financing of political parties should be included in the budget while it is corrected," Novruzov said.

A bill to strengthen protection of people's health in Azerbaijan, which is under development, aroused differences amongst members of the parliamentary social and political commission.

"A bill on Reproductive Health includes issues, which the Azerbaijani society is not prepared to accept. The bill should serve not to destroy or weaken of family life, but to strengthen family life," MP Musa Guliyev, the deputy chairman of the commission, said at a meeting of standing social and political parliamentary commission.

The meeting was focused on discussions of a new bill on Reproductive Health.

According to Guliyev, the bill cannot be adopted in a hurry. It is necessary to review an issue connected to sexual minorities in the bill, he believes.

"The bill sets up birth of children, who were born out of wedlock, as an obligation. The law states that any woman coming of age has a right of artificial insemination. It should not be referred to every one. Perhaps, any woman may desire of starting a family. The bill describes that right of motherhood exists regardless of whether women is married or not. Such issues cannot be included in the Law in such a form," Guliyev said.

According to MP Malahat Hasanova, an author of the bill, name of the bill was changed after discussions at an enlarged session of the standing social and political parliamentary commission with participation of international organizations and state bodies. "There was an offer to rename the document into Health and Family Planning during discussions, because development of this bill is continuation of state policy on planning of family. Therefore, the bill was renamed into the Law on Health and Family Planning," Hasanova said.

The bill will be re-developed and submitted to the parliament for discussion at the first reading at the decision of the commission.

Members of the Azerbaijani parliament say the statements made in the Iranian parliament against Azerbaijan are groundless.

"The statements made in the Iranian parliament to deliver a note to Azerbaijan are another way of pressure by official Tehran," Panah Husein, member of opposition MP group said to Trend .

Members of the Iranian parliament demanded in the last parliamentary meeting to express protest against official Baku as it allegedly treats Iranians badly, Farsnews agency reported. As many as 7 members of the Iranian parliament asked foreign minister of Iran to deliver note of protest to official Baku on November 12. They say there is disrespect towards Iranian citizens in Azerbaijan. This demand was made by MPs from Urmiyya Javad Jahangirzade, Nadir Gazipur, by Mahhammadrza Mirtajjadini from Tabriz, Mahammad Ibrahim Nikunam from Gulpaygun, Jalal Yahyazade from Tafet, Arsilan Fathipur from Kalibar and Ahad Khayyiri from Bostanabad.

Husein said the foreign citizens working and living in Azerbaijan are not put on pressure.

"Though unofficially, Iranian citizens living and working in Azerbaijan have been granted some privileges since 1990. The government has probably canceled these privileges, therefore, Iran wants to put pressure on Azerbaijan," Husein said.

Fazail Agamali, chief of opposition Ana Vatan Party described discussions in the Iranian parliament as nonsense. He said foreign citizens in Azerbaijan can independently live, act and work in Azerbaijan.

"It would be better for Iranian parliament to respond to the accusation about Azerbaijanis living in Iran being denied education in their language rather than to hold such discussions," he said.

Chief of oppositional Umid Party Igbal Agazade said to Trend that Iranian parliament would better to take steps to ensure rights of 30 million Azerbaijanis in Iran rather than speaking of violations of rights of 2,000 Iranians living in Azerbaijan.

According to unofficial reports, there are about 35 million Azerbaijanis in Iran.

The Azerbaijani Parliament made a decision to withdraw its peacekeeping forces from Iraq on 14 November.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev submitted Iraq to the parliament a bill on withdrawal of peacekeeping forces from.

A total of 150 soldiers of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces serve within the composition of the International Forces in Afghanistan. The International Forces in Afghanistan also include 90 Azerbaijani peacekeepers, who are involved patrol service in Kabul.

The Azerbaijani Parliament decided to withdraw 34 Azerbaijani peacekeepers from Kosovo, because of political situation aroused after announcement of independence of Kosovo, which separated Serbia on 4 March.

The peacekeeping forces have been withdrawn from Iraq because of expiration of five-year term, Ogtay Asadov, the speaker of the Parliament, said at a parliamentary meeting on 14 November.

Foreign policy

Rafael Huseynov, member of the Azerbaijani delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), was elected the Vice President of the PACE Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights.

Voting was held for the post of Vice President of the PACE Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights at the Committee's meeting in Moscow on 10 November. Due to the proposal by the representatives from Italy, Ireland, Croat, the member of the Azerbaijani delegation was elected to this position, Rafael Huseynov, who attended the meeting, told Trend by telephone from Moscow on 10 November.

Azerbaijan joined the PACE in 2001. Since then, Huseynov has been the member of the PACE Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights. Before Huseynov, the Vice President of the Committee was the representative from Cyprus.

Huseynov said that the confidence for him testifies the development of the constructive relations between the PACE and Azerbaijan.

At the meeting which will continue on 11 November, reports will be delivered regarding the problems of the national minorities in Europe, corruption in the legal network. The reports will be recommended to be discussed at the winter session of the PACE in January.

Relations between Azerbaijan and the United States will develop systematically during the office term of the new U.S. Administration, Azerbaijan believes.

"I see good prospects to develop the relations between Azerbaijan and the United States," Azerbaijani Deputy Foreign Minister Hafiz Pashayev said to Trend on 11 November.

Democrats' candidate Senator Barack Obama won the presidential election of 4 November by a landslide over the Republicans' candidate Senator John McCain and became the 44th President of the United States. The inauguration ceremony of the first black U.S. President will take place on 20 January 2009.

Baku and Washington stated that strategic cooperation has been established between Azerbaijan and the United States. The links between the two countries will develop in the same format, Pashayev said.

"I do not believe the prospects of development will deteriorate. The current relations meet the interests of both countries and this is the source of my optimism," he said.

The U.S. position on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is known to all, Pashayev said adding that "this position is unchangeable".

The United States is a co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group, which mediates in settling of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh.

Disputed issues on delimitation of the Azerbaijan-Russia border have been partially coordinated. Both countries' experts coordinated several disputed issues on delimitation of Azerbaijan-Russia border, Garib Mammadov, acting chairman of the Azerbaijan State Committee on Land & Cartography, said to journalists on 11 November.

Next meeting of the Commission on Delimitation and Demarcation of Borders will take place at the end of November or at the beginning of December to discuss the issue, he said.

There are three areas uncoordinated between Azerbaijan and Russia - an area in the Balakan region at the meeting-point of the border of Azerbaijan, Russia and Georgia, an area nearby the mouth of the Samur River in the Gusar region, and a forest area in Khachmaz region.

A total of 90-95% of the Russia-Azerbaijan border, with the length of 370km, has been coordinated.

The US Senator Bob Corker discussed prospects of Azerbaijan-US relations in Baku during his visit to Azerbaijan.

The US Senator arrived in Baku on 11 November discuss various issues of bilateral relations, US Embassy in Azerbaijan said.

Bob Corker, who was elected Senator from Tennessee for the first time, met with the high rank government officials including Azerbaijani MPs. Exchange of views is planned to be held on energy issues during meeting with government officials and representatives of private sector.

Senator Corker is a member of Committee on Foreign Relations of US Senate and Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Senator left for Kazakhstan on 12 November.

The Iraqi Government appraises the Azerbaijani peacekeepers' role in establishment of stability in the country.

"The Iraqi Government hails participation of the Azerbaijani senior military, civil and parliamentary delegation at the Azerbaijani peacekeepers' seeing off ceremony," Arshad Omar Ismayil, the Iraqi Ambassador to Azerbaijan, said on 11 November.

The Azerbaijani President has sent a bill on withdrawal of the Azerbaijani peacekeepers from Iraq with legislation initiative. Presently, 150-member peacekeeping contingent of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces serve in Iraq within composition of the Multinational Forces.

The Azerbaijani peacekeepers have protected the biggest Hadisa dam and Hydropower Station in Iraq since August 2003.

According to the Ambassador, the Azerbaijani Government always supported new system in Iraq and condemned all terror attacks, which the country suffered.

The bill will be discussed at the Parliament within few days.

On 11 November the Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan, Elmar Mammadyarv, received the member of the U.S. Congress, Senator Bob Corker, a source at the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan told Trend .

The Senator said that his visit is aimed at analyzing the possibilities of developing the relations existing between the USA and Azerbaijan and more attentively studying the region.

Mammadyarv said that the visits of the high-ranking representatives of the USA to Azerbaijan make considerable contribution to the development of the relations between the two countries.

Corker and Mammadyarv discussed the current situation and prospects of development of co-operation between Azerbaijan and the USA in various spheres, as well as energy issue, Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, question of the regional peace and stability.

During his visit to Azerbaijan, the Foreign Minister of Romania, Lazar Comanescu , will hold bilateral talks with the Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan, Elmar Mammadyarv, Ambassador of Romania to Azerbaijan, Nikolai Ureke, told Trend . Ureke said that the meeting of the Foreign Ministers will take place after 4th energy summit in Baku on 14 November.

"During the meeting Comanescu and Mammadyarov will discuss large spectrum of issues regarding prospects of development of bilateral relations," diplomat said.

One of the key of issues to be discussed at the 4th energy summit in Baku in Baku will be the oil pipeline Odessa-Brody. This pipeline must transport Caspian oil to the countries of Central Europe.

Some Heads of State already gave their consent to participate at the summit. They include the Presidents of Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, Estonia and Latvia.

On 12 November Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan said at a news conference that he will visit Azerbaijan soon.

The Turkish diplomat has not yet determined an exact time of the visit.

The conflicts in South Caucasus damage important transport and energy projects of the region, Turkish Foreign Minister Babacan said. Turkey's peace attempts target to settle conflicts in South Caucasus. Turkey is interested in solution of the Georgian-Russian, Armenian-Azerbaijani and Armenian-Turkish conflicts, he stressed.

The Caucasus Stability & Cooperation Platform, which Turkey offers, coincides with policy of the European Union (EU) in the region, the Turkish Foreign Minister said.

Babacan said that Armenian Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandyan will also visit Turkey.

"There is no need to wait for the Turkey-Armenia match, which will be held in October 2009, to hold a meeting between Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan and Turkish President Abdullah Gul. The Presidents can meet within next months," Babacan said.

The Azerbaijani embassy in the Netherlands held the presentation of books about Azerbaijan in the Dutch Leiden University Library.

Kurt De Belder, the director of the library, spoke about the University founded in 1575 in Leiden, the Netherlands, which is one of the 20 leading education institutions in Europe, as well as delivered true information about the library. De Belder praised the initiative of Azerbaijan embassy, voiced satisfaction with the cooperation with Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani Ambassador Fuad Iskandarov narrated about the history of Azerbaijan, its achievements, development of current economy, tolerance and culture of the oil strategy. Azerbaijani ambassador noted the significance of presentation of books about Azerbaijan in one of the recognized universities of Europe. Books designed by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation were amongst the presented books.

The presentation began with the submission of detailed information about the books that reflect the live of the national leader Heydar Aliyev, and his activity for the benefit of the people of Azerbaijan. Thanks to Heydar Aliyev modern Azerbaijan Republic has been able to take their rightful place in international relations, as an independent European state

In addition, books about the culture, history and nature of Azerbaijan, as well as the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh were presented at the meeting.

The head of the department of the library to study the Islamic world and the Middle East, briefed members of the embassy with a collection of rare books. Among them were unique manuscripts of great Azerbaijani authors - "Khosrov and Shirin" (1451) by Nizami Ganjavi, "Divan" (1678) by Sahiba Tabrizi, "Kitab-and-Cihan-name" (1657) by Katiba Chalabini, "Divan" (1555) by Fizuli, and the publication of "Mystery of two Turks" (1888)by Mirza Fatali Akhundov in French.

Iskandarov expressed his gratitude to the University library for the preservation of valuable books in excellent condition. He expressed hope that the Azerbaijani specialists will be given an opportunity to explore this collection.

During the talks held after the presentation, an agreement was reached on cooperation between Leiden University Library with specialized centers of Azerbaijan.

Political movements

The date to unite left-wing parties of Azerbaijan has been specified.

"Parties are expected to unite in January-February in 2009," Rauf Gurbanov, the Chairman of the Communistic Party of Azerbaijan (CPA) told Trend on 10 November.

Since early November, the chairmen of the Social, Communistic, Unified Communistic parties and Communistic party of Azerbaijan on the ground of Marxism-Leninism ideology hold negotiations to establish a new alliance of left-wing parties. The combined efforts will be directed to consolidate parties on the threshold of municipal and parliamentary elections.

The municipal and parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan will be held in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

According to Gurbanov, chairmen of left-wing parties met on 9 November to discuss the details and names of the alliance. "We do not want to make mistakes. Discussions will be held on this topic and we will choose a concrete name for the alliance," Gurbanov said.

Gurbanov did not exclude the further expansion of the organization.

"Any party with Marxism and Leninism ideology will be accepted to the alliance. If any party will make a request to joint the alliance, founders of the organization will make a decision on the ground of consensus," Gurbanov added.

The alliance will cooperate with any political organization or bloc in the future.

The alliance is needed to operate after the municipal and parliamentary elections, as well. "We cannot predict that the alliance will function after the elections. We hope that it will continue functioning for the sake of population," Gurbanov said.

The Union For Democracy (UFD), which unites Azerbaijani opposition parties, is going to hold protest action in front of the Iranian Embassy in Azerbaijan.

"The Iranian Embassy in Azerbaijan has not responded to our address, which we sent to the Embassy in connection with repressions against Azerbaijanis in South Azerbaijan. The Embassy should give explanation within a week," Ahmad Oruj, the chairman of Azadlig (Freedom) Party, which is a member of the UFD, told Trend .

The Union For Democracy includes opposition Classical Popular Front Party, Azadlig Party and Great Azerbaijan Party. The Union is a consulting and cooperation organizations of these parties.

About 35mln Azerbaijanis live in South Azerbaijan. Azerbaijanis, who struggle for national freedom, are arrested and face with different repressions.

According to Oruj, an issue on Azerbaijanis in South Azerbaijan was re-discussed at a meeting of the UFD Board of Chairmen.

"We granted one more week to the Iranian Embassy in Azerbaijan as a result of discussions. We will wait by 17 November. If the Embassy does not answer our address, we will make a decision to hold protest action in front of the Iranian Embassy in Baku," the chairman of Azadlig Party said.

Azerbaijani intellectuals prepared to mediate in a dialogue between government and opposition.

"One of the major goals of Azerbaijani intellectuals is to put an end to the enmity in government-opposition relations. We are always ready to mediate in government-opposition dialogue," chairman of Azerbaijan Intellectuals Union Eldaniz Guliyev said to Trend .

Prior to 2005 parliamentary election, governing party, pro-government party and opposition parties held several meeting through the mediation of the OSCE Baku office. Later the dialogue was not continued. Several opposition parties supported the candidate of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party in the 15 October presidential election. NAP's dialogue with these parties stands on the agenda once again after presidential election.

MP Siyavush Novruzov, deputy executive secretary of NAP said to Trend that the governing party is prepared to resume dialogue with opposition without any terms.

"The third party should assume responsibility for holding of dialogue. Neither government, nor the opposition should make the first step. Independent and progressive minded intellectuals can make the first step on one term. The dialogue should be without claims and terms and both parties should demonstrate a political will," he said.

The reason for the absence of dialogue is that each side views each other through black color. "Both government and opposition should be blamed for problems and political cataclysm in Azerbaijan. The dialogue is impeded by the fact that the sides do not accept each other and lack culture of dialogue. Government and opposition representatives can not communicate with each other in an appropriate way in events. But they make terms as to the issues of national interest," Guliyev added.

Guliyev said well-known public figures including leader of National Unity Movement Lala Shovkat, chairman of Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan Ali Karimli, chairman of Musavat Party Isa Gambar, head of For Azerbaijan public forum Eldar Namazov and both government and opposition representatives should be involved in this dialogue. "The high rank officials of governing NAP should represent the government. Strange enough, governing party can not fully represent the government today," he said.

Guliyev hopes it would yield good results to benefit from Russia's experience in this sphere. "Russian Head of State often holds discussions with opposition representatives. Azerbaijani President can invite opposition leaders to hold open and frank conversation. I am sure that it can solve many problems," Guliyev noted.

Azerbaijan Intellectuals Movement has been set up in 2003 and registered by the Justice Ministry in 2007. The organization aims at protecting rights of Azerbaijani intellectuals and achieving reconciliation between government and opposition.

The Party of Left Democrats, which is currently in process of establishment in Azerbaijan, supports creation of union of left forces.

"Emergence of new parties and unifications are necessary in Azerbaijan under the current political situation. Other political forces will also be interested in establishment of the union of left forces," Elshan Manafov, the chairman of the Party of Left Democrats Organization Committee, told Trend on 11 November.

A meeting of chairmen of the Azerbaijan Social Party, the Communist Party, the United Communist Party and the Communist Azerbaijani Party, was held on the base of the Marxism-Leninism platform at the beginning of November. The parties held negotiations to establish union of left forces at the meeting. Establishment of the Union targets to participate in the parliamentary and municipal elections under the united platform.

The municipal elections will be held in Azerbaijan in 2009 and the parliamentary elections - in 2010.

Manafov regards necessary to unify political forces, which can influence on political processes with their authority in the society.

"Establishing new political union, leaders of parties, should refuse from their ambitions and expand cooperation for national interests. At present this is one of major demands," he said.

Speaking about the party's joining the union of left forces, Manafov stressed that at present only preparatory work is being conducted to establish the party. "It is expected that the party will be formed and registered by the municipal elections. Then the main issue will be participation in the elections. If we do not achieve it by the municipal elections, we will seek to solve all problems, which exist in establishment of the party, by the parliamentary elections," Manafov said.

According to Manafov, regional organizations of the Party of Left Democrats have been established in some districts of Baku, as well as Jalilabad, Ujar and Agdam Regions of the country. "The party unites 672 members. Majority of them is independent people, while some 25-30 are former members of the Social and Democrat Party of Azerbaijan," Manafov said.

Manafov was the deputy chairman of the Social and Democrat Party of Azerbaijan for ideological issues and member of Bureau of Central Committee. At the beginning of September 2008, Manafov was dismissed from the party because of his blaming co-chairman of the party Araz Alizade for his incapability to rule over the political organization. Then Manafov decided to establish new left party with his supporters.

The Azerbaijani opposition Great Nation Party (GNP) will be restored.

"I made such a decision, as Mammad Alizade, the chairman of the Azerbaijan Democratic World Party (ADWP), did not reach agreement with the resigned members of the parties," Samir Adigozalli, the former chairman of the GNP, said at a news conference in the Trend Company on 11 November.

The pro-government ADWP was established in 1992 and passed state registration at the Ministry of Justice in 1993. Alizade is the chairman of the party. The party supports policy of the New Azerbaijan Party, which came to power in 1993.

The opposition Great Nation Party in 1999. Adigozalli resigned from the deputy chairman position at a meeting of the ADWP Political Council on 8 November.

According to Adigozalli, some resigned people from this party will continue their activity at the GNP: "The Organization Committee was established to hold restoration congress of the party. It is expected that changes and supplements will be injected into the Regulation at the congress," Adigozalli said.

Adigozalli said that the restoration congress will be held at the beginning of December.

First deputy chief of pro-government Azerbaijan Democratic World Party (ADWP) Mirkazim Seyidov has resigned.

"I met with party chief Mammad Alizade and introduced by letter of resignation. At the moment, I maintain no relations with the party," former first deputy chief of the party said to Trend .

Last week, deputies of party chief and heads of several regional offices quitted the party. Those who have resigned claim that chief of the party Mammad Alizade has grossly violated regulations of the party. They say Alizade have adopted decision beyond his authority without discussing it in the Political Council of the party.

Seyidov said he did not quit party because of a group of disgruntled members who have already resigned. "I think as a chairman of the party, Alizade could have investigated the reason of disagreements within the party. In this case, those resigned have made the right decision. Alizade should be blamed for this," former first deputy chief of party said.

"Those who quitted the party were engaged in split within the party," Alizade said to Trend .

"The first deputy chief resigned as he was not satisfied with some issues within the party. I did not accept his letter of resignation. I will decide whether to accept it after I meet Seyidov once again," Alizade said.

Pro-government Azerbaijan Democratic World Party has been founded in 1992 and registered by the Ministry of Justice in 1993. The chief of the party is Mammad Alizade. The party supports political line of ruling New Azerbaijan Party.

The Green Party of Azerbaijan has announced an activity program for 2009.

"The party's activity program for next year is of three basic principles - political studies with the Green Party of Georgia, publication of the Green Alternative ( Yashil Alternative) newspapers and protest actions," Mais Gulaliyev, the chairman of the Green Party of Azerbaijan, told Trend .

According to Gulaliyev, three joint meetings with the Green Party of Georgia is scheduled to stage in 2009. "The main slogan of the meeting will be protest of NATO expansion in the Caucasus, deteriorating of ecological situation in cross-border areas and construction of nuclear power plants in the Caucasus," the chairman said.

Party will hold meetings dedicated to environmental situation in Baku, Sumgait and regions of Azerbaijan, as well as against the militarization of the Caspian Sea.

Green Party of Azerbaijan was established in December 2006, but failed to hold the state registration in the Justice Ministry. The Organization was granted an observer status by the Green Party of Europe

Leader of the right-wing party of Azerbaijan believes that the results of parties achieved in presidential, parliamentary and municipal elections is possible to consider through financing of parties from the state budget.

"At the first stage of financing the rate of regional representatives of parties will be taken into account," Etibar Mammadov, the leader of the opposition Azerbaijan National Independent Party (ANIP), told Trend on 12 November.

Fifty-two parties held the state registration in the Justice Ministry. The law 'On political parties' was accepted in 1992. The law envisages financing parties from the state budget.

Opposition politicians propose to allocate funds to registered parties from the state budget. The Azerbaijani authorities propose to take participation of parties in parliamentary elections and collected votes as a ground to allocate funds from the state budget.

According to Mammadov, representative of parties in Parliament is taken into account during financing in many parliamentary countries.

"The solution of the issue in Azerbaijan depends on the will of the authorities. I think that the regional representative of parties as a ground is the most acceptable version," Mammadov said.

ANIP leader considers that the allocation of funds to every party, which held the state registration, is one of the acceptable versions.

As for the financing taken into account the number of members of parties Mamamdov said that he did not see this version as an acceptable one. "Nobody can define the exact number of members of parties," Mammadov added.

Some Azerbaijani opposition parties have begun negotiations on participation in the municipal elections.

"Preliminary discussions, which were held with leader of the opposition National Independence Party of Azerbaijan (NIPA) Etibar Mammadov were fruitful. At present negotiations on future cooperation are being held with some parties," Elshad Musayev, the chairman of the Great Azerbaijan Party (GAP), which is represented in the Union For Democracy, told Trend on 12 November.

The municipal elections will be held in Azerbaijan in December 2009. An issue on opposition's cooperation has become topical after the presidential elections held on 15 October.

The Union For Democracy includes the opposition Classical Popular Front Party, the Azadlig Party, the National Democracy Party and the Great Azerbaijan Party. The Union is a cooperation and conference body for these parties.

Cooperation with the NIPA will be realized within the framework of parties, which are included in the Union For Democracy, he said.

"We do not exclude a joint participation of the opposition in the municipal and parliamentary elections. However, at present only cooperation perspectives is being discussed," Musayev said.

Ali Orujov, a secretary of the NIPA for propaganda and information, confirmed presence of these negotiations to Trend on 12 November.

We are holding discussions with chairmen of the Classical Popular Front Party and the Great Azerbaijan on cooperation in the municipal elections," Orujov said.

According to Orujov, face-to-face meeting was held amongst chairmen of the CPFP and the GAP Mirmahmud Miralioglu and Musayev, as well as Mammadov at the next stage of negotiations: "There is not any concrete agreement on cooperation. However, we have reached some agreements on some issues," Orujov said.

The discussions target to determine directions of cooperation in the municipal elections, the NIPA official said.

"We support to expand cooperation of opposition forces on the eve of the municipal elections. If necessity arouses, even establishment of bloc can be come to an agenda," Orujov said.

Discussions are being held with other parties, which are not included un the Union For Democracy, the NIPA Secretary said.

Political organizations of Azerbaijan are working out an appeal to international organizations against increasing repressions against compatriots in Iran.

"We are collecting repression- related facts at the moment. This issue needs to be raised on international level," Etibar Mammadov, head of Coordinating Council of South Azerbaijan international forum and leader of opposition National Independence Party said to Trend .

There are 35 million Azerbaijanis in South Azerbaijan. The facts of repressions and torture against those sentenced to different terms in jail by Iranian authorities have increased recently.

Union for Democracy (UFD) composed of Azerbaijan's opposition parties asked Iran's Embassy in Azerbaijan last week to clarify repressions against Azerbaijanis. If Embassy does not respond, UFD plans to stage a picket in front of the Iranian Embassy.

It would be better to draw attention of world community to repressions in South Azerbaijan rather than stage a protest action in Baku, he said.

"We are working out a document on repressions. We make efforts so that illegal actions of Iranian authorities will be discussed in parliaments of other countries," Mammadov said.

"It is impossible to stop illegal actions of Iranian authorities against Azerbaijani compatriots in South Azerbaijan through any organization or measures," Aqil Samadbayli, chief of Central Board of United Azerbaijan Union (UAU) said to Trend .

The ongoing processes in South Azerbaijan should be regarded as problems of entire nation, he said.

"Azerbaijani government should also express its position on this issue. If government officially expresses its attitude against repressions and tortures, Iranian authorities can draw a conclusion from it," he added.

"If UAU holds any event and issues a message, Iranian government will not take it serious. State Committee for Work with Azerbaijanis Abroad should also express its disagreement over repressions against compatriots in South Azerbaijan. This move can prevent tortures," Samadbayli said.

Since the demise of the Azerbaijani ex-President Abulfaz Elchibay, the Unified Azerbaijan Union (UAU) has not yet elected a chairman.

"A congress must be held to elect a chairman. But we lack funds for that," Agil Samadbayli, Chairman of the UAU Central Council, said to Trend on 14 November.

The Unified Azerbaijan Union was established by ex-President Abulfaz Elchibay (1992-1993) in 1998. The organization was popular for its speeches urging to unify South Azerbaijan with the Azerbaijan Republic.

According to unofficial reports, about 35mln Azerbaijanis populate South Azerbaijan.

UAU has lacked headquarters since 2006, said Samadbayli.

"In 2006, we were deprived of our headquarters for taking an active part in protest demonstrations held by our compatriots living in South Azerbaijan," he said.

According to Samadbayli, lack of headquarters prevents the UAU from holding meetings.

If a large coalition of opposition is not established with the participation of the parties, which are included in the Centre for Opposition Cooperation, another bloc can be formed.

"If the union, which will comprise parties of the Centre for Opposition Cooperation (COC) and other

political parties, is not established, formation of another organization can come to agenda ," Eldar Namazov, President of the For Azerbaijan Public Forum (FAPF), which is included in the COC, told Trend on 14 November.

Centre for Opposition Cooperation includes bloc Azadlig (Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan, Liberal Party, Citizens and Development Party), Musavat Party and For Azerbaijan public forum. At early September, Azadlig bloc, Musavat Party and the Public Forum 'For Azerbaijan' signed a joint statement on recognition of the presidential elections to be held on 15 October as illegitimate. Government to be formed after the presidential elections was announced as illegitimate in the statement.

The election was followed by negotiations on changing the opposition into a broader coalition. However, creation of expanded opposition coalition has not been commenced in the light of mutual accusations.

According to Namazov, bilateral consultations are being held with leaders of parties concerning cooperation.

"First, we should discuss and coordinate a document on general principles at the COC, then we should negotiate on other political movements," Namazov said.

The FAPF President does not exclude rise of number of parties, which will join the COC. "Naturally, we should focus on quality, but not quantity. Number of the coalition parties should be few, whilst everybody should hold the same position, cooperating sincerely. Therefore, I do not think that there is a difference on this matter. Simply, positions should coincide one-another more quickly," Namazov said.

Namazov does not support proposals by members of some COC parties on determining of borders of opposition which will cooperate. "I deliberately do not name parties, which I regard as real opposition. The thing, which I do not like, is determination of opposition's borders. Every three of four years, they say that they determine opposition's borders. In this case, special attention focuses on private attitudes and opinions of parties. All of them are pretexts preventing establishment of a real union," the FAPF leader said.


The Armenian Armed Forces violated the ceasefire by firing at the Azerbaijani Armed Forces' positions in unnamed hills in the Tovuz region and Kokhanabi village from the Mosesgeh and Chinarli villages in the Berd region of Armenia on 9 November from 12.20pm to 12.40pm and on 10 November from 1.40am to 2.05am.

The Armenian Armed Forces fired at the Azerbaijani Army's positions from unnamed hills in the Goranboy region and from nearby of Tapgaragoyunlu village from 2.45pm to 3.10pm, from 4.20pm to 4.35pm, from 6.30pm to 7.15pm and from 8.45pm to 9.15pm; from nearby of Ashagi Abdurahmanli and Ashagiseyidahmadli villages in the Fuzuli region from 4.45pm to 5.05pm and on 10 November from 5.00am to 5.15am; from nearby of Shikhlar village in the Agdam region from 8.00pm to 8.30pm; from nearby of the Yarimja and Goyarkh villages in the Terter region from 5.00am to 5.30am on 10 November, according to the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry.

The National Army of Azerbaijan retaliated and no casualties were reported.

On 10 November, the subunits of the Armenian Armed Forces fired at the positions of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces located Alibayli and Kokha Nabi villages of Tovuz region and Jafarli and Gushchu Ayrim villages of Gazakh region from position located in Mosesgah and Aypegar villages and nameless heights of Berd region of Armenia, from positions near Voskervan village of Noyemberyan region of Armenia from 01:50p.m. to 01:55p.m., from 03:40p.m. to 04:05p.m and from 04:35p.m. to 04: 50p.m.

The Armenian armed forces also fired from position near Tapqaraqoyunlu village of Goranboy region from 10:20a.m. to 10:30a.m., from 03:30p.m. to 04:00p.m. and on 11 November from 00:05a.m. to 00:15a.m., from 11:30a.m. to 11:40a.m. and on 11 November from 02:10a.m. to 02:20a.m. from the nameless heights of Khojavand region and from positions near Kuropatkino village, from Ashagi Abdurrahmanli village of Fuzuli region from 06:25p.m. to 06:55p.m., from Goyarkh village of Terter region at 07:05p.m., from Mazamli village of Gazakh region from 08:25p.m. to 08:30p.m, and on 11 November from Kangarli village of Agdam region from 00:55.m. to 01:10a.m., Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said.

The National Army of Azerbaijan retaliated and no casualties were reported.

On 11 November, the subunits of the Armenian armed forces fired at the positions of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces located in nameless heights of Tovuz region from positions in Mosesgah village of Berd region from 03:20p.m. to 03:35p.m.

The Armenian armed forces also fired from Kuropatkino village and nameless heights of Khojavand region from 12:40a.m. to 12:45a.m., from Ashagi Abdurrahmanli village of Fuzuli region from 04:00p.m. to 04:15p.m., from positions located not far from Goyarkh village of Terter region from 08:40p.m. to 09:15p.m. and on 12 November from 02:55a.m. to 03:05a.m., from Tapqaraqoyunlu village of Goranboy region from 10:30p.m. to 10:45p.m., and from positions located not far from Yusifjanli and Namarli villages of Agdam region from 11:20p.m. to 11:33p.m., Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said.

The National Army of Azerbaijan retaliated and no casualties were reported.

On 12 November, the subunits of the Armenian armed forces fired at the positions of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces located in Alibayli village of Tovuz region from positions in Aygepar village of Berd region from 01.25p.m. to 01.45p.m.

The Armenian armed forces also fired from position at nameless heights of Khojavand region from 01.55p.m. to 02.10p.m., from positions located not far from Goyarkh village of Terter region from 02.30a.m. to 02.55a.m. on 13 November and from positions located not far from Chilabert village of Tartar Region from 03.15a.m. to 03.40a.m., Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said.

The National Army of Azerbaijan retaliated and no casualties were reported.

On November13, the subunits of the Armenian armed forces fired at the positions of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces located in Jafarli village of Gazakh region from Azamut village of Ijevan region of Armenia from 11:30a.m. to 11:40a.m.

The Armenian troops also fired from positions near Tapqaraqoyunlu village of Goranboy region from 03:05p.m. to 03:35p.m., from position not far from Gulustan village of Goranboy region from 05:10p.m. to 05:40p.m., on November 14 from position not far from Kuropatkino village of Ijevan region from 03:30a.m. to 00:50a.m. and from Chilabert village of Terter region from 04:00a.m. to 04:15a.m., Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said.

The National Army of Azerbaijan retaliated and no casualties were reported.

On 14 November, the subunits of the Armenian armed forces fired at the positions of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces located in territories of Alibayli village of Tovuz region, Gizilhajili, Jafarli, Gushchu Ayrim villages and nameless heights of Gazakh region from nameless heights of Berd region, in territories of Berkaber and Azatamut villages of Ijevan region, in territories of Voskepar and Voskevan villages of the Armenian Nyembryan region from 10.30a.m. to 10.50a.m., from 11.15a.m. to 11.20a.m. and from 06.55p.m. to 07.05p.m.

The Armenian armed forces also fired with machine guns and submachine guns from positions near to Marzili village of Agdam region from 05.05p.m. to 05.10p.m., from nameless heights of Khojavand region from 05.05p.m. to 05.10p.m., from to Kuropatkino village of Khojavand region from 06.15p.m. to 06.20p.m., from Chilaburt village of Terter region from 05.55p.m. to 06.05p.m., from Tapqaraqoyunlu village of Goranboy region from 07.05p.m. to 07.15p.m., from Horadiz village of village of Fuzuli region from 08.30p.m. to 09.10, from Goyarkh village of Terter region from 10.55p.m. to 11.10p.m., from nameless heights of Goranboy region from 11.50p.m. to 12.00a.m. and from nameless heights of Khojavand region from 12.30a.m. to 12.35a.m. on 15 November, Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said.

The National Army of Azerbaijan retaliated and no casualties were reported.

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Turkmenistan's Turkmenbashi Oil Refinery to increase oil refining depth
Number of people infected with COVID-19 in Iran exceeds 600,000
Kazakhstan's Almaty launches production of environmentally-friendly batteries
Azerbaijani president instructs to assess damage caused to Azerbaijan by Armenia – aide to president
Kazakhstan's oil refineries decrease oil refining volumes as COVID-19 pandemic hits demand
Armenian Armed Forces attacked strategic targets in Azerbaijan - Prosecutor General
Azerbaijan puts high-ranking Armenian officials on int’l wanted list
Azerbaijan puts foreign fighters recruited by Armenia on international wanted list
Azerbaijan appeals to European Court on Human Rights - aide to First VP of Azerbaijan
Bakcell supports the residents of Barda
Petkim’s products exported to 78 countries abroad
Central Bank of Azerbaijan decides to keep discount rate unchanged
Kazakhstan increases export to China despite COVID-19
Military tribunal must be organized to assess Armenia’s crimes – Assistant to Azerbaijani president
SOS Children’s Villages International to do everything to support children during Karabakh conflict
7 families killed as result of Armenian terror against Azerbaijan – Azerbaijani prosecutor general
Armenia commits environmental terror against Azerbaijan - Ministry of Ecology (PHOTOS)
Macroeconomic stability remains steady in Azerbaijan - Central Bank chairman
Azerbaijan raises import of cars in 9M2020
Azerbaijan confirms 480 more COVID-19 recoveries
President Ilham Aliyev: Azerbaijani Army liberates 9 villages of Jabrayil, Zangilan and Gubadli districts
Passenger transportation decreases in Azerbaijan due to COVID-19 pandemic
STAR Refinery’s investment value to near $7B
Azerbaijani prosecutor general reveals civil casualties, injuries inflicted by Armenia
Kazakhstan's KazMunayGas reports decrease of oil transportation volumes
General Prosecutor's Office discloses crimes committed by Armenian Armed Forces against Azerbaijan
Temporary special administrations to be established in Azerbaijan`s territories liberated from occupation
Azerbaijani army destroys missile-artillery warehouse of Armenian Armed Forces - MoD (VIDEO)
Iran talks agricultural exports to Iraq despite restrictions
Kazakhstan's national oil company faces output decrease at country's major oilfields
Euro zone GDP jumps more than expected in third quarter q/q, prices fall
OSCE MG meeting on Karabakh conflict in Geneva to be closed for media
Permissions granted for building construction down in Georgia
Uzbek Ministry of Finance projects revenues, expenditure of consolidated state budget
Turkmenistan privatizing number of facilities to increase private sector's share in economy
Iran to allocate funds for projects in Malayer city
Khaf-Herat railway between Iran, Afganistan to commence by mid-November
Azerbaijan doesn’t succumb to provocations, responding to aggressor on battlefield - Israeli expert
Azerbaijani Prosecutor General's Office assesses damage done from Armenian vandalism
Iran's IRGC provides support to COVID-affected families
Fish production in Iran's Amlash city increases on annual basis
UK condemns continued shelling of civilian areas following attack on Azerbaijani Barda
Russian Export Center talks about exports to Azerbaijan
Glencore reports copper extraction volume decrease in Kazakhstan
Azerbaijan may expand business loan programs - Central Bank
MoD says Armenia's info on shooting down Azerbaijan's UAV - lie
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