President of Lebanon Arrives in Tehran

Politics Materials 24 November 2008 20:38 (UTC +04:00)

Iran, Tehran, 24 November /corr. Trend A.Namdari / The President of Lebanon Michele Suleiman arrived in Teheran on 24 November.

This is the first visit of Suleiman to Iran after being elected as the President in May 2008.

He met his Iranian counterpart Mahomud Ahmadinejad and other high-ranking officials of Iran.

The priority themes of the discussions of the Presidents of Lebanon and Iran were the expansion and development of relations between the two countries in all spheres, situation in the region, Lebanon, Palestine and in the world.

According to some data, Suleiman will hold exchange of views with the Iranian side regarding defense and military co-operation.

The goal of the visit of the Lebanese President to Iran is provide arm to the army of Lebanon and Hezbollah, Al-Hayat newspaper reported yesterday. The officials of Lebanon and Iran do not refute this information.

The Ambassador of Iran to Lebanon, Muhammedrza Sheybani, said to IRNA State news agency that part of this meeting was dedicated to the prolongation of the periods of bilateral cooperation in the defense and military sphere.

Five-year agreement on co-operation in this sphere was signed between Iran and Lebanon. Sheybani forecasts the prolongation of the period of this agreement.

The Iranian PRESS TV website reported referring to the Al-Abhar newspaper that the defence minister will not accompany Michel Suleyman on his visit to Tehran due to similar information.

The newspaper informed that the mission (the signing of an agreement with Iran on the military cooperation) was trusted to the Lebanon interior minister.

The mass media informs about the possible signing of an agreement between the heads of Iran and Lebanon on the military cooperation. Chairman of the Lebanon Ketayeb party Amin Jumeyyil said that it was the very time to disarm the Hezbollah and Lebanon based armed groups of Palestine.

"I demand to disarm Hezbollah and Palestinians, as in that tent camps and other places. We must form a real defence strategy instead of Hezbollah. The true defence strategy is a strategy of peace, but not a war," Jumeyyil said, the PRESS TV reported.  

Lebanon Prime Minister Fuad Sinora said after the meeting with Suleyman that the statements by Jumeyyil regarding disarming was an opinion of the majority population of Lebanon and it must be taken into account.